“If You Build It, They Will Come”

February 26, 2016

Baseball spring training is right around the corner; the long cold winter is past, and the safe confines of warmer weather and America’s pastime loom on the horizon.

I found it fitting to republish this blog post from a few years back after watching Field of Dreams on tv this morning. This movie hits an emotional trigger every time I watch it; even more after a jaunt to the actual movie set in 2014.

So, enjoy!

Slice of Home, Slice of Life

Twenty-five years ago, an iconic American film came out which touched the lives of millions and made us reflect back on our pasts; the good, the bad, the mistakes that we’ve made…and the possibilities of reconciliation.

The movie was called “Field of Dreams” starring Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones. It tells the story of Ray Kinsella, a struggling Iowa corn farmer who one day hears a voice in his field, and, against everything he’s ever been taught or known, plows his crop up and builds a baseball diamond. And, indeed, after many fruitless months of waiting, “he” (in the form of Shoeless Joe Jackson) did come. And after that, life would never be the same for Mr. Kinsella.

This past weekend, my wife Jeannie and I made the trek to Dyersville, Iowa, and the Field of Dreams.


There is little fanfare with the site; no admission, no billboards lining…

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It’s Your World Now

January 18, 2016

A deep and profound sense of sadness permeates the Davis household this evening as the sorrowful news came in from all forms of media: Glenn Frey, one of the founders of The Eagles, was dead at age 65.

My mind immediately flashed back to the early ’70’s and days spent listening to “Take it Easy”, “Witchy Woman”, and “Peaceful, Easy Feeling”; it was the theme music of our final days in Los Angeles, CA, and the drawn-out Route 66 journey to northern Missouri in a small town called Brookfield, where we would start our new lives together.

This album kept the insanity of a life uprooted in check; it was a soothing balm of chords and melodies that spoke of endless miles of a carefree life just driving on the highways and byways of yesteryear. It was soul-searching music of doubtful love with feet firmly “standing on the ground.” Southern California rock with meaningful lyrics laid against driving beats…yes, it was suffice to say that The Eagles had taken flight with that first album, with several more to come.

And even when the bickering came, the band split up, and each went their own separate ways with successful solo careers, there was always this feeling that somehow, someway, this iconic supergroup of musicians would make sweet music again; the dream came to fruition with the release of the live “Hell Freezes Over” album. The Eagles were back, and with a vengeance. All seemed right with the world once again.

And then, today, the news. Gut-wrenching, mind-blowing, and ever-so-final.

The tributes are still pouring in for this multi-talented actor/musician; as I sit here and write, the last lyrics that run through my head are from their last studio album, “Long Road out of Eden” and the hauntingly beautiful “It’s Your World Now.”

A perfect day, the sun is sinkin’ low
As evening falls, the gentle breezes blow
The time we shared went by so fast
Just like a dream, we knew it couldn’t last
But I’d do it all again
If I could, somehow
But I must be leavin’ soon
It’s your world now

It’s your world now
My race is run
I’m moving on
Like the setting sun
No sad goodbyes
No tears allowed
You’ll be alright
It’s your world now

Even when we are apart
You’ll always be in my heart
When dark clouds appear in the sky
Remember true love never dies

But first a kiss, one glass of wine
Just one more dance while there’s still time
My one last wish: someday, you’ll see
How hard I tried and how much you meant to me

It’s your world now
Use well your time
Be part of something good
Leave something good behind
The curtain falls
I take my bow
That’s how it’s meant to be
It’s your world now
It’s your world now
It’s your world now

Rest in peace, Glenn. You really gave this guy, as well as the rest of the world, some great memories through the gift of music.

The Argument for Apocalypse

November 17, 2015

Yeah, I know…that’s a pretty radical and morbid title for a post, but it’s one that I’ve been spinning around in my head for a few days as I work on another story outline. This one? A three novel arc that spans generations and brings a deep spiritual aspect to the age-old adage of “good vs. evil”.

So, in light of what I’m working on, I thought I’d share this tidbit: I’m sometime asked what I think of the world we live in now, and will there be an apocalypse on day? Well, being a fan of The Walking Dead and other world-altering stories (my favorite by far is “I Am Legend” by Richard Matheson), I would have to say that it weighs heavily on me from time to time; could this be the way that the world ends? With a huge party favor complete with zombie fireworks, or with a flu-like whimper as in Stephen King’s “The Stand”?

My opinion? I’d have to say with maybe a little of both. If we did have manivores (flesh-eating people, get it?), then all it would take is a few bath salt-sniffing addicts to alter their brain chemistry enough to insitute the necessary changes in behavioral patterns to think that it’s really okay to ingest a few innards. Could that sort of disease be spread virally or biologically? Probably not. On the AS (Apocalypse Scale), a tepid 3 out of 10, since there would have to be a WHOLE lot of sniffing agents to make the entire world a glorious all-your-can-eat buffet.

Or how about a man made, genetically produced bio agent courtesy of the good ol’ U.S. of A.? One that escapes (or is let loose) from underground labs and mutates humans into muchin’ machines, a la Resident Evil? Method of transmission primarily via physical (chewing) contact. This scenario has a good side, though.  After a while, their food source would be exhausted; so, all one would have to do is stock up, board up, lock up, and wait it out. On the AS; say about 6 or 7 out of 10.

Worst-case scenario? Believe it or not, nuclear devastation would wipe out a majority of the world’s population in seconds, and the lingering after effects could last hundreds of years via nuclear winter, radiation poisoning over a vast wasteland, mass starvation, etc. Billions dead, major cities wiped out, utilities eradicated…basically, a survivalist’s nightmare. Tally on the AS, a perfect apocalyptic storm of 10 out of 10.

One thing to keep in mind: during any apocalyptic event, the playing field will be leveled dramatically as societies roll back to the Stone Age. There will be no more rich or poor, and no privileged class to lord over the underdogs. All people will be struggling the same way, and attempting to survive against the backdrop of annihilation. The odds will definitely NOT be in your favor.

So, my friends, there’s my argument for the apocalypse. Could it happen? Perhaps.

Will it happen? Only God knows.

All I can say is this: if you see anyone with some intestines hanging out of their mouth, please let me know as soon as possible, ok? 

Just in case.


The Dream LIVES!

September 25, 2015

Yes, my friends, it’s true.

After 37 years, my novella, “Disaster at Havendale” (formerly titled “TORNADO!”) will be out in print and ebook form on my birthday, November 9, 2015.

It’s been a long road; many rewrites; many times sitting gathering dust in a closet; many times all but forgotten. Yet, it was always there; a constant reminder of days gone by where the words flowed freely like honey and images sprung up from the ample stores of “fairytale land”.

There’ve been many a tense night over the past several weeks wondering if I would be able to get enough votes (retweets) to win. It was a back-and-forth battle between myself and one another entrant as the days chugged along; but in the end, I was able to prevail and the wheels were set in motion for the publishing process.

The contract has been signed, the manuscript delivered, and after many cover design looks, we finally decided upon this one:


It gives depth to the scene while providing a sense of dread. Even though the tornado in the book is IMMENSELY larger, this will be more eye-catching on the shelf and in a thumbnail online.

So there you have it. November 9th is the sale date, with the print book priced at $11.99 and the ebook at $4.99. It will be on sale at all outlets including online retailers such as Amazon and iBooks.

Please help this author out and purchase a copy! Thanks!

Are You Friends With Your Spouse?

September 10, 2015

Another wonderful post from my BESTEST friend in the whole world. 🙂

Serving HIM Only


Are you friends with your spouse?  Are you best friends?  When someone asks you who your best friend is…do you answer with your closest girlfriend or guy friend…or do you answer “My husband/wife.”

Lets first take a look at what the Biblical aspect of a friendship is.

“A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

Proverbs 18:24


Loneliness is everywhere.  Many people feel cut off and alienated from others.  Have you ever been in a crowd but still feeling alone.  It makes people more aware of their isolation when they are in the middle of a huge crowd, if they don’t know anyone there.  We all need friends who will stick close, listen to us when we need an ear, care when we are hurting, and offer help when needed, in good times and in bad.  It…

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My Dream Come True – Wildwood Prize

September 7, 2015

In just about 12 days, I’ll know whether or not my lifelong dream has come to fruition: having my novel, “Disaster at Havendale”, published in print!

Since the age of 16, when the idea came to me (literally) on a dark and stormy night in Brookfield, MO, I have labored; sweated; and shed many a worrisome tear over this novel. It has undergone several rewrites while remaining mostly true to its original storyline, and, of course, as the times and technologies have changed so has the tech in the book. Yet, it is mostly intact, and the same DNA intermingles from then to now in the bloodline.

You know, there’s nothing like the first thing you write; it is like giving birth to a healthy 10-pound baby in all its ripping, gnarling journey out of the womb. Long suffering agony gives way to smiles and joy as the pain recedes into the background, forgotten after a few moments. There is such an awesomeness in that first “child” that you are eager to show it off to everyone, regardless of how immature the grammar or sentence structure or storyline might be. 

By George, it’s YOUR kid, and you love it just the way it is!

That is why this Wildwood Prize competition is so very important to me as a writer; it’s a chance to show the WORLD the gift of writing that I have been blessed with; a chance to share this totally radical story with my family, friends, and loved ones both near and far.

And, it’s an opportunity to get those other works out there: the hay bale trilogy of short stories; the sequel to Disaster at Havendale, and many more. There is a wellspring waiting to bubble over into the ocean of existence called LIFE.

So, please help a struggling author out. If you have Twitter, click here to my story synopsis post and retweet it; if you don’t have Twitter, open the same link and sign up. It only takes a few moments; it’s free; and you’ll be supporting the dream I’ve agonized over for many, many years.

Thanks…I’ll keep you posted!

Revenge Hits the e-shelf!

August 26, 2015

After a few minor course corrections and rewrites, Revenge of the Killer Hay Bales is now on the iTunes Store as an ebook purchase – only $1.99!

Go to this link to find out more or to buy it:


Or go buy the original and find out the beginning stages of madness:


The ending chapter of the trilogy (And it was always meant to be that way) is currently in the writing phase and should be out in the next few months.

Help out a struggling author and spend a few bucks, will ya?