A time to remember our veterans…

May 27, 2005

Memorial Day weekend, 2005.

Jeannie and I hope and pray that you and yours have a safe, and thoughtful, holiday weekend.

This is indeed a time of reflection; of meditation; of prayer because of the ultimate sacrifice that those who bravely served in our armed forces gave…their very lives.

Being a vet myself (USN), I know the awesome responsiblity behind speaking that sacred oath when I enlisted back in 1980 under the Delayed Entry Program:

“I, (state your name), do solemly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

Notice the last four words. “So help me God.” This is given to our Creator as a promise to do whatever it takes to defend the Constitution of this great nation of ours; to defend our very freedoms that we hold so dear; to give up our very lives if need be. So many brave men and women did just that in the many wars and conflicts that America has faced over the years, and Memorial Day is how we honor their willing sacrifices.

Please take a moment on Monday to reflect back on your life, and how our military men and women have made a difference in it, by upholding the spiritual, moral, and ethical laws that this nation was founded upon. If it wasn’t for our Armed Forces, America perhaps might have been under dictatorial, communistic, or another form of suffocating governmental regime.

Never take our freedom for granted. It is precious.

And there are those who have given up their freedom so that we can have ours.

It’s high time that we take a moment to say, “Thanks for a job well done.”


Awake is not the usual way to snore…

May 26, 2005

After three hours of sleep last night (courtesy of finishing up the Marceline IDA site), I believe I am hallucinating sitting here.

LIke Morpheus says, “Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?”

Today I feel like Neo…most definitely.


For those of you who want to know how the website turned out, click on the newly established link to the right and drop me a line to let me know your thoughts.

As for me, I’m gonna unplug and catch some zzzzzzzzzz.

Dia de Joroba

May 25, 2005

Or Hump Day, if you prefer in English.

Park Board meeting last night; meeting with Kaye Malins and some others this evening on promoting and marketing Marceline to the masses.

Sheesh. The work is never done. No wonder time is flying past so quickly.

After that, it’s church, choir practice, and some tinkering around with the audio-visual system in the sanctuary. Used it for the first time Sunday evening; went pretty well with just one minor glitch (words didn’t show up on one song that was sang). Hey, if that’s ALL we have to complain about, then we’re doing great!

Speaking of grreeeeaaatt!! The voice behind Tony the Tiger (Frosted Flakes commerical, for those of you who don’t have a clue) died a few days ago. Man, what a loss. Thurl Ravenscroft was also responsible for singing “You’re a Mean One, Mr Grinch,” one of my all-time favorite Christmas songs from the multitude of animated wonders back in the day. Great song, and WHAT a deep voice. Whoa. Makes me sound like a tenor.

Besides that bit of nostalgia, nothing much going on here. Just living the life of small-town living; sidewalks roll up at night, people gather on the stoops to gossip, and the seconds hand on our watches slow down to a crawl.

Ah, the joys of a rat race free life.

The Good Ol’ Days, part 2

May 24, 2005


Those four call letters were a radio gateway to the Green Hills of Missouri back in the 70’s and 80’s; and as a teenager fumbling his way into young adulthood, I was blessed to be a part of the staff of this once-bustling station.

God has still blessed me with a voice that doesn’t fit this body (or so people say), and I was able to hype my way into a position as one of the “homegrown” talent. I mainly worked evenings and weekends, and one of the biggest thrills was to spin LPs and 45s on the red and green-felted turntables at KGHM while belting my voice onto the airwaves. Rick Davis was my name, and playing “your” favorite hits was the game (provided it was on the playlist rotation at any given time).

On Friday and Saturday nights (when I wasn’t dancing with my only disco partner, Jeannie), you could find me at the station, standing up at the control room board and waving out the large glass windows as cars honked their way up and down South Main Street in Brookfield. Before the era of cell phones on every hip and laptop computers blaring out tinny renditions of MP3s, your local deejay was an outside communication line to the world of teenage angst anthems. Whether rock, pop, disco, country, or otherwise, these musical ditties guaranteed that rebellion was alive and thriving in the young people of that day.

A cool job? No doubt, for a punk 16 year old with a BIG voice.

My all-time favorite job? Without a doubt…yes, it was.

I did later stints at several other local stations and two in Florida; as time went on, however, I grew tired of the constant back-stabbing prevalent among radio announcers always striving to be “number one” in their Arbitron ratings, and the low pay associated with the profession. Years went by, and the lure of the microphone faded away and was all but forgotten.

Yet, the voice remains. I dust it off and crank it up every so often, much to the delight of my kids and the exasperation of my wife Jeannie. It is a ghost of the past now; flittering here and there occassionally but with no solid substance to bring it back to the land of the living. Only a memory that is bittersweet to the mind’s taste.

Could I have ever made it big as an announcer? Perhaps.

And would that have profited me any? In the world’s sense, yes. But with God, not in the least.

So, I am ever thankful to Him for the road that I never had a chance to fully travel on.

The Good Ol’ Days…part 1

May 23, 2005

Talked to a buddy of mine from south MO today; Chet is his name and working at a medical device testing facility is his game. Plus, the guy is a JAM-UP graphic artist.

We reminisced about the fun, laughter-filled days at my old job, where I was Director of Sales and Marketing for a few years. Seems like we always had time for a joke or a good knee-slapping story to help make the day go by faster. We were a tight-knit group of hard workers who got the job done and made our bosses some major jack.

But, those days are long gone. The downward spiral began soon after I left to come back home, when they hired a “General Manager” to oversee things and streamline the operations. With a six figure salary, all this man did and continues to do is to bleed to company out of its remaining assets. He has fired good workers, some have quit, and others are fearful of their jobs being phased out.

This once-happy work environment is now a place of hollow words and broken relationships between employees and employer. Stress runs rampant everywhere.

Chet is not the only one I have heard from concerning this. There have been others who have confided in me that these are indeed dark days at this once-beloved place.

Nerves are frayed and there is the real possibility that the doors of this 20 year old medical device testing company will close permanently. And, if that were to happen….it would be a travesty.

Only time will tell. Here’s praying that things work out differently.

One of the many projects I’m working on…

May 20, 2005

Screenshot of the Marceline Industrial Development Authority site I’m working on currently. Thought I’d post a screenshot for my bud Steven.


Another weekend; another time to be extremely busy!

May 20, 2005

On tap:
Friday night, mow yard; post the Marceline IDA website.
Saturday all day in Chillicothe teaching for the Hamilton UMC retreat.
Saturday evening, more website work.
Sunday, taping 8AM service at Trinity UMC; singing in choir at 10:15 service.
Sunday afternoon, blessed naptime hopefully
Sunday evening, church again.
Sunday late, hopefully sleeping after all the craziness.

So, where is the weekend in all of this? LOL

The Lord’s work here on earth is never done! Thanks be to God that I can be a small part of it.

Have a blessed, safe and wonderful weekend!