Man, oh, man…what a week!

Still recovering from a crazy and hectic week; seems we’ve been running everywhere, and to top it off, I think I wound up with either food poisoning or a slight case of the stomach flu late Wednesday and ALL day Thursday. Lost 6 pounds on two-ended purging. UGH. Not the best diet to recommend to people, you know?

BIG weekend coming up, with Alumni Weekend here in Marceline, a big custom car show, the Linn County Community Chorus spring concert (An Afternoon at the Movies), two church services on Sunday (Jeannie singing at 8AM and both of us in choir at 10AM)…whew. Gonna need a week to recharge!

And then, next Sunday, I preach at First Christian Church here in Marceline. The message title is “Religion or Relationship…Which do YOU have?” I can guarantee this will rile a few out of their seats. LOL. God spoke very clearly and vividly to me these past few weeks about this subject….through Mike White’s sermons at TUMC; through everyday life; through prayer; through bible study….seems that everything pointed directly at this, so I must follow what He tells me to do and speak about this.

Here’s praying that someone is touched by God’s message.

Have a great weekend!

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