Is it Monday ALREADY?

My, how time flies when you’re having fun.

Or you’re busy.

Or you think you’re busy having fun.

Or perhaps it’s that you think you’re having fun while you’re busy.

Who knows?

Anyway, the weekend was nice and sunny, a welcome respite from those ever-so-present spring storms that seem to pop up and hang around for days, much to the chagrin our our esteemed national Weather Service guys. Last week, flood warnings and unseasonably cold…this week, sunny and pleasant, with midweek thunderboomers (not to be confused with baby boomers, of which I am on the tail end of. Sad to say that after my generation da boomers will be gone by the wayside).

Do weathermen (and ladies) even KNOW what they’re doing? Sheesh.

Had a great Sunday preaching at First Christian Church in Marceline; wonderful congregation, very warm and friendly. Beautiful sanctuary. God really spoke to me while I was at the pulpit and I felt the Holy Spirit guiding my actions and words. Was very satisfying but also draining at the same time. I don’t see how our pastor does it week in and week out; Mike White is truly gifted from God, and there are many people thankful that he always puts God first and foremost in his life. I, for one, am one of those people.

On tap for this week: more websites to do (but of course); helping a buddy of mine out with our new audio-visual system at church; fooling around with the Red Hat Linux OS I installed on a junk PC to see how it works; mowing and gardening (necessary evils of the season); and the usual hanging out with my beautiful wife and family.

I’ll be posting pics from our Community Chorus concert soon. Look for them!


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