The passing of a warrior

June 29, 2005

Robert Earl Davis, my dad, went to be with the Lord on Monday afternoon at around 1:05PM. He was 75 years old. I was blessed by God to be able to spend one last evening alone with him at the hospital as he clung to life, making sure he got the care and attention he needed.

He is survived by his wife Lilian, sons Robert Russell Davis of Mesa, Arizona; Ronald Earl Davis of Springfield, Missouri; Robert Earl Davis II of Chillicothe, Missouri, and myself (Richard Eugene Davis) of Marceline, Missouri.

Graveside services will be held at Resthaven Cemetery in Chillicothe on Thursday, June 30, 2005, at 10AM; there is no family visitation. However, friends can stop by Lindley Funeral Home on Wednesday the 29th and sign the guestbook.

As a short bio: Dad served in the U.S. Army for many years, and was the National Guard recruiter for the Chillicothe area, as well as a veteran of the Korean Conflict. He was also a member of the National Guard, VFW, American Legion, and the Civil Air Patrol.

Even though he sometimes seemed to be a hard-edged, unloving father, there was an emotional side of him that I was able to view on Sunday evening; and that was of a frail, scared, and lonely soul who in the end confessed to knowing and accepting Jesus as his Lord and personal Savior.

And for that, I am eternally thankful and grateful.

I will miss my dad more than words can say; but I know that, one day, we will be reunited with our Father in Heaven and spend forever with Him and ALL of our loved ones.


My baby singing at Miss Marceline Beauty Pageant

June 24, 2005

Isn’t she just gorgeous?

This is my wonderful wife Jeannie singing “Traveling Soldier” by the Dixie Chicks; we were the entertainment at the Miss Marceline Pageant recently.

I am so blessed to have such a beautiful soulmate like Jeannie. I love you, baby!

Sand moving; pool filling and more…

June 23, 2005

Nothing like moving 10 tons of sand by hand to get the blood pumping, eh?

Plus add to that another $100 worth of water to fill our above-ground pool; $75 worth of lumber to make a square form for the sand base for the pool; countless hours of manual labor…and you get the idea.’s a good way to start off my vacation! ๐Ÿ™‚

On tap: Saturdays in the Park in two days! Got the trailer lined up (for our stage); sound system; extension cords; cold drinks; etc. Things are shaping up nicely! Trying to put together a banner of some kind now.

Next month’s will be a LOT more organized…but since Jeannie and I are the only ones putting this together, we are stretched mighty thin.

Hope to see you this Saturday for some great contemporary Christian music!

No, I DIDN’T drop off the face of the earth….

June 21, 2005

Just busy as usual; had a lot going on last week with preparing for the Miss Marceline Pageant (Jeannie and I sang for the entertainment); getting the house all ready for Jordan and Jonathan to be here during the summer (which they are); and now this week getting ready for the Saturdays in the Park concert series that the Park Board is sponsoring.

This month (on the 25th from 12noon to 4PM) will be a Christian music concert featuring Jeremy Evans’ band from Macon (242); SOD Ministries; and Joe and Brandi Wright from Marceline…plus whoever else shows up at the last minute. It’s free for the public as a way to generate more foot traffic downtown. Here’s hoping and praying it works out good.

Besides that…I’m on vacation from June 25-July 5 for some much-needed rest and relaxation, and a time to recharge the creative batteries. WOOHOO!

Will post some pics from SitP and also Miss Marceline later on.


On Michael, McCain, and Memos

June 14, 2005

First off….Michael Jackson; guilty or not?

Only God and the moonwalking dude know for sure. But if I were Michael, I’d be sure to not have any more sleepovers. Period.

And the man needs to grow up, for heaven’s sake. He’s older than I am and he still believes he’s Peter Pan! (NOTE: Peter could actually FLY; all Michael does is pretend to fly when he sips on his “Jesus juice” during chartered flights to worlds unknown).

Next up: McCain.

Can we say keep your opinions to yourself? Howard, you already embarrassed yourself during your presidential run by acting like a buffoon whilst screaming and arging for a national tv audience…now, as the Democratic Party Chairman, you verbally attack the GOP as “pretty much a white, Christian party” and say many in the GOP “never made an honest living.”

Ex-squeeze me? Yo, Howie, I happen to make a very honest living, thank you very much…and being a Christian has nothing to do with my party affiliation. In every election, I choose to vote for the best person for the job (and for their moral and ethical beliefs), regardless of their party. For Mr. Dean, I say this: Put up or shut up. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, then stay out of the fray. Otherwise, you come across looking like an even bigger idiot. Capice?

Memos…oh, yes, U.N. Secretary general Kofi Annan is indeed in hot water now that an e-maill has turned up acknowledging he KNEW about the scandal-plagued Oil-for-Food program and the ties his son had to it. Note to Kofi: DON’T leave a paper or electronic trail; things tend to turn up later on that can singe your tail feathers if you’re not careful.

We definitely need either new leaders at the U.N. or we need to get out of it. No IFs, ANDs or BUTs.

Remember…boulders roll downhill…and you CAN’T stop them once they get going fast enough, Kofi.

So, that’s my two cents worth on the latest world happenings.

What’s your take?

Just Another Manic Monday…

June 13, 2005

Weekend was here…then gone…sheesh. What I wouldn’t give for a good weekend with nada to do.

This week is gonna be a busy one…it shapes us like this.

Monday – A trip to the doctor for a shot of Rocephin, then 7 days of the antibiotic Biaxin. I’ve had a killer lung infection that has been brought on from my allergies. Two rounds of antibiotics later..and now this…LOL. Let’s see what happens; probably wind up killing everything in my body I need and the infection will stay the same. ๐Ÿ™‚
Tuesday – American Legion meeting and dinner in Brookfield. Practice music for Miss Marceline Pageant.
Wednesday – Church, practicing the music for Miss Marceline Pageant.
Thursday – Miss Marceline Pageant at 7PM at the Uptown Theatre. No more practice; this is the real deal! Pray for us!!
Friday – REST (here’s hoping anyways)
Saturday – Summer Fun Days in Brookfield; and my boys are coming for the summer! Woohoo!
Sunday – Church, fellowship picnic at South City Park.

Ahoy, maties! ‘Tis Friday! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

June 10, 2005

Yes, it’s Richard the Pirate now, back from pillaging th’ fridge and sailing th’ high seas o’ our backyard lake.

Lots o’ work fer this weekend, an’ here`s hopin’ th’ weather cooperates.

Will write more when me ship comes in fer safe harbor. ARRRRRRRRRR.

And for me proud beauty Jeannie:

Iโ€™ve sailed the seven seas, and youโ€™re the sleekest schooner Iโ€™ve ever sighted. ๐Ÿ™‚