Early Week Blues and more….

Ever been to a Mennonite wedding?

Well, Jeannie and I were privileged to be able to attend one, running the sound system at our church, Trinity UMC in Brookfield, for a wedding this past Saturday. Over 600 people showed up and it was amazing to hear that many voice rising into the air as they praised God as one body. To hear the four part harmony swelling as it echoed off our sanctuary walls…well, all I can say is, “Wow.” If you ever get a chance to hear something like that, the sound won’t leave your mind and heart for quite some time.

It’s also amazing how much time God can give to a person whenever they give their lives to Him and do His work. Seems that you never have enough time to do things but God gives you the extra minutes somehow. As our pastor Mike White and I were discussing this morning via e-mail, we shouldn’t be amazed when God works things our like that but we STILL are. Go figure. We aren’t too smart sometimes!

On tap this week: practicing music for the Miss Marceline Pageant on the 16th (Jeannie and I were asked to provide the singing); preparing a children’s sermon for this Sunday morning plus praying that the music that is picked for the service is something I know (was also asked to lead the snging in BOTH services…LOL); also praying for the band “Everything Else Aside” that will be at Trinity this Sunday evening at 7PM for a free concert, and praying that God’s will be done there and in our own personal and professional lives. We have some news that we hope and pray will come to pass concerning our bakery plans. Just keep praying with us as we turn it all over the the Lord!

In other news…summer is here finally to the Midwest…ugh…kinda liked the cooler weather myself. TIme for a long, hot summer.

Week is dragging by and it’s just Tuesday….*sigh* But, at least it’s going by!!

As the hazy, lazy, and crazy days of summer slowly drift by on shimmering waves of feet-scorching blacktop and blazing white colored sidewalks, remember this…be thankful that we have the seasons; to remind us of God’s ever-glorious turning of the times..from the summer, when everything is awash in green as it grows (and so do we); to fall, when the leaves turn spectacular shades of yellow and red and gold, to remind us of the trasures that await us in Heaven; to winter, when all is still and cold and white, to remind us that there is a time to rest and meditate as the cold of the world threatens to overpower us; to finally, spring, which is a time to feel renewed and reborn as everything comes alive again.

God first, God foremost, and God forever in our lives. 🙂


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