Making excuses….

July 29, 2005

Just got through reading an interesting story about alcohol addiction being a disease.

Ok….here’s my opinion, which you can take with a grain of salt: I believe that any form of addiciton, whether it be drugs or alcohol, is simply a choice that people make. Sin, in any form, is sin. We can’t look past that. Instead, what we do is try to justify someone’s actions by saying they have a compulsive personality, or have OCD, or ADHD, or ADD, or any other three or four letter word. Once again, it all boils down to a three letter word:


And the choices people make to sin.

Ok, I know…you probably think I’m looney tunes, but this is coming from a person who spent 16 years abusing pot, coke, heroin, hashish, acid, booze….the list is pretty long. Notice that I said “abused” those things. I was mired in the depths of hell with my sins, and only through the Lord Jesus Christ was I able to break those bonds that satan had me bound up in. And once I was set free, I no longer had the cravings for those things.

So, I ask you…if I was set free and had no desire to do that any more…was that addiction? NO. Because if it was, the old adage “Once an addict, always an addict,” is dead wrong. And that means that all those rehab clinics and treament programs out there are teaching the wrong things, and just making money to support their own perpetual agenda (and by the way, I went through two rehab centers and got out and used again).

People who are abusing drugs and alcohol need a way out. They need the reassurance that they will be forgiven and that they have someone to turn to when they feel all hope is lost. They need to be set free from those chains of slavery that bind them so tightly…and the only way they can have that is through a relationship with Jesus.



An awesome testimony of the power of a loving God

July 29, 2005

As in a previous post, the Jews for Jesus were at TUMC last night, and it was a wonderful, warm, spirit-filled worship service.

These folks really love the Lord, and it shows in the way they sing; they speak; and the way they conduct themselves. Jesus is alive and well in the Jewish community as these soujourners make it their mission to convert their Jewish brothers and sisters to the Lord Jesus.

What a great way to start off the weekend! Priase and glory to Y’shua for now and forever!

Jews for Jesus tonight at Trinity UMC

July 28, 2005

This is a show that is beyond words….a music filled extravaganza from Jewish believers in Jesus Christ, who actually have given their lives to the risen Lord and Savior.

They play, sing, give dramatic readings and skits on what it means to be a true and total witness for the Lord.

Simply amazing.

The service starts at about 10 til 7PM tonight. If you’re in the Brookfield area, bring your family and friends. This will surely touch your lives.


Don’t ask me why…

July 27, 2005

but this morning I had a flashback of our family back in the 1970’s moving from California to Missouri via Route 66.

Perhaps it was too many drugs back in my wilder days. Who knows?

Anyways, the “vision” I had was going through Needles (out in the middle of stinking NOWHERE) and of the Painted Desert, the Wigwam Motel, the Petrified Forest in Arizona…..weird, huh? This just lasted about a minute but what struck me was the vividness of the colors everywhere.

And before you can smirk and say “Ooooooo…the COLORS,” I’ve gotta tell you that it almost brought tears to my eyes. That was a pretty special trip, indeed. We left our home and moved to an entirely “foreign” land where we knew no one….but yet, this very place that we moved to is now my true home more than California ever will be.

Well, something to share with you on a Hump Day. 🙂

And the heavens opened up….

July 27, 2005

And FINALLY the rains came down!

Prayer does indeed work wonders.

Yesterday was a wonderfully cool day with some much-needed rain into our area; Marceline received over an inch to start the process of recovering from a mini-drought. It was a nice steady soaking that helped lawns; farmers; and people alike.

Right now as I type (7:15AM), it’s 56 outside with brilliant sunshine. Believe it or not! For July that’s unheard of weather, but hey…we’re sure not complaining! High today of 79. This weather will hold for about two days, then it’s back up to regular temps for the season.

But boy, oh, boy…we sure needed the break. Heat indices of 110 are not very kind to the human body.

An icon of Marceline passes on…

July 26, 2005

Rush Johnson, 79, former mayor of Marceline and a business partner of Walt Disney, goes on to be with the Lord.

He was a thoughtful, warm, and inspiring person who didn’t let illness or circumstances slow down his everyday life; he was the guy in the white truck with Elk-1 personalized plates who you would see on Main Street USA every single day. He always had a kind greeting and smile for EVERYONE. No one was a stranger to Rush.

Rush and his wife Inez were good friends to Jeannie and I, and always gave us encouraging words on our blessed marriage and also on the singing gifts that God had given us; the last time we spoke with the both of them together was at their grandson Tyler’s wedding on July 9th. They spoke excitedly about a planned move back to Marceline, where they were going to be building a house and once again contributing to the town that they had given much of themselves to in the past.

Rush became partners with Walt Disney long ago on the Marceline Project, a place where kids of the future could go to learn about farms and where eggs came from and how crops were grown; this intriguing idea is slowly being realized by Kaye Malins, the Johnson’s daughter, who is a tireless crusader for Marceline and for the dreams of Walt. Like Rush and Inez both, Kaye gives all of herself back to her hometown.

Rush was President of the Walt Disney Hometown Museum Board; they both served as volunteers on the staff there as well.

A visionary, a leader, a loving husband and a good, honest friend who will truly be missed by many.

Rest in peace, Rush.

Thoughts on Monday…

July 25, 2005


mon    ( P )  n. Scots; known as Man.

So…is Mon-day Man-Day? Does this mean that men get to do anything they want to on this day? Skip work with pay? Go fishing? Lay around and be a couch potato?

Or does this mean it is a day set aside for Man? In this case, every day is Man Day because God set aside those days for us to enjoy His Creation; not just Sundays should be to worship Him and enjoy Him…but EVERY day. With this line of thinking, though, every day is actually SON Day.

Or perhaps Man Day is a day for all of us to say, “Yo, man!”; or “Man, was happening?!”; or other “man” related greetings.

Wow….lots of choices, lots of questions. 🙂

What’s YOUR answer?