Movie Night!

Took the wife and boys to see War of the Worlds tonight at the Uptown Theatre here in Marceline.

Two words describe this movie….

Whoa. Dude!

Excellent special effects, a few scenes of gore and scariness (especially with the long alien-style hypo from the tripod and gratuitous sucking noises and fluids being propelled upwards. Ugh.) and overall sense of rushing headlong without taking a breath while the battle rages and Tim Robbins puts on an over-the-top performance as a crazed individual….sheesh. By the time the movie is over your need CPR to start your heart again; or a pacemaker to regulate it from the arrhythmia the action causes.

One of the better movies I’ve seen this year; Spielberg performs his magic yet again. The camera angles he used were amazing; one of the POV’s wrapped around the van Tom Cruise was navigating at least five times as dialogue ensued incessantly. Great work. And the tripods spewing their death rays while people disintegrated into ash…wow.

Anyways, I recommend anyone who has caught the old version (from 1953, and THOSE special effects were cutting edge for that time era…kudos to George Pal and his crew) to watch this one; there are several references to the book and the previous theatrical version as well.

For tomorrow: Toonfest site redesign, and pool time! 100 degrees with a heat index of 110. Gonna be a scorcher!!

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