Religion versus relationship…

Religion…thinking you have Jesus and living your life in the world.

Relationship…KNOWING you have Jesus and living your life for Him!

Pretty simple, eh?

Yet, so many of us never grasp the true meaning of a relationship with Christ. It isn’t just a “Sunday morning go to church” kind of thing, it is a lifelong process of getting to know the Lord in an intimate and presonal way; it is walking as close to him as your brother or sister; it is sharing with him your deepest fears and feelings like you do with your spouse; it is a “bestest” friend type of intimacy, knowing that He’ll stick with you no matter what.

Yet, we don’t make enough time for our Lord, and make excuses for that. The “I’m too busy” ones or “Not right now, Lord” ones…and it saddens the heart of our Savior so much. All He wants is for us to come to Him and rest in His goodness, grace and mercy, and we go out headstrong and stubborn thinking we can conquer the world in our own selves. Then, when the dust clears, He is there to pick us back up again when we have fallen on our faces.

Or, to put it even more simply:

Religion–head knowledge.

Relationship–HEART knowledge.

The choice is ours. We either choose to follow Him down the rocky and crooked path that leads to His Righteouness…or we follow the broad path that leads to destruction and the very pits of Hell.

Choose wisely, dear friends.


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