Bell Game Final

September 30, 2005

For those who are Brookfield Bulldog fans: this final score JUST in…they squeaked out a win in 2005, 14-13, on a missed extra point by Marceline. The Bell stays in Brookfield for the sixth straight year!

Yowza…really good game this year. But look out for the Marceline Tigers, who are an excellent football team, and state ranked to boot.

Highlights later.


Our Good Ol’ Days

September 29, 2005

Took a drive down to Columbia today to go see an ENT about my continuing sinus issues (6 sinus infections this year and still 3 months to go…ugh); looks like allergy testing and very possibly surgery by the sound of things, sometime at the first of the new year. Maybe I will finally feel almost human again.

While driving down, Jeannie and I just sat and talked and reminisced about the times we spent in our younger days dancing and being best friends during difficult times; it was nice being able to spend time as husband and wife and not as Dad and Mom, or the “preacher man” and his spouse, or “that guy who writes the column in the newspaper” and his beloved. We listened to our old songs and we fellowshipped together with sweet smiles and laughter.

Lately, it seems that we are always so busy doing God’s work and His Will that we forget to just “be” us; we willingly put ourselves on the back burner so that we might raise up our kids in the ways that they should go; or that we might be able to witness to others through song and the spoken Word; or sometimes the world’s things just get in our way and we forget how to slow down and take a deep breath and just RELAX.

Today was one of those days.

Saturday will be too.

It will be a wonderful weekend! Praise God!

The Decline of Main Street USA

September 27, 2005

I am saddened and somewhat concerned about the recent decline of values on Main Street USA here in Marceline.

Within the past year there have been several events held during the weekend that served alcohol on this stretch of blacktop that Walt Disney once trod upon; drunken individuals have been seen staggering about and using foul language in a place that prides itself as having core family values and beliefs.

Two of the downtown eating establishments have obtained liquor licenses within the past year, much to the chagrin of those who have tried to keep this away from our tourist destination. Others who are in positions of influence in local government have turned a blind eye, focusing instead on more non-threatening issues than the more pressing problem of why this has been allowed to happen.

Downtown Marceline is no place for tourists to come to pay homage to Disney and have to be subjected to rude, smelly, and obnoxious drunks. People will go elsewhere to visit if this behavior is allowed to continue.

After all, if you go to Disneyland or Disney World, there isn’t any kind, shape or form of alcoholic beverage served anywhere in the parks. Especially on Main Street USA, which was patterned after Marceline’s own downtown area.

So my question is this…if we are supposed to embrace those wonderful values that Walt Disney held in such high esteem, where have we gone astray?

“Would You Believe?”

September 26, 2005

Another day, another familiar face is gone from the small screen.

Don Adams, aka Maxwell Smart (Agent 86) from the Get Smart tv series (1965-1970) died Sunday from a lung infection. He was 82.

This was one of my favorite shows of the late 60’s, even if it was borderline stupid; it gave us kids an escapism from the overly produced and special effects laden James Bond flicks. It was fun, it was inane, and it had the best bumbling spy in Don Adams, who always seemed to be one step behind the criminals of that mastermind of evil activity, the organization known as KAOS. Yet, in the end, CONTROL (whom Smart worked for) always came out ahead.

Sort of.

From the Shoe Phone to the Fudgicle Transmitter/Microphone to the hilarious Cone of Silence, the show’s gadgets were second to none for brightening up someone’s day. Adams always seemed so serious when using his toys that they sometimes took center stage over the plotlines.

Alas, Agent Smart will be missed. They’ll never be anyone else who could say those catchphrases like he did, especially the one most prevalent whenever he inevitably goofed on something:

“Sorry about that, Chief.”

Dropping Like Flies…

September 26, 2005

Seems like all of my childhood icons (even if I caught some of them on reruns) are dying.


News today that Butch from Little Rascals fame has died of complications from heart disease at the age of 79.

So far in 2005, several notables have kicked the ol’ proverbial bucket, including Johnny Carson (host of The Tonight Show for umpteen years), Ossie Davis (one of his greatest roles IMO was portraying a black President John F. Kennedy in Bubba Ho-Tep, another classic Bruce Campbell movie. Bruce ROCKS!), Frank Gorshin (the Riddler on the Batman television series), Dana Elcar (who was Pete Thornton on the venerable MacGyver), Thurl Ravenscott (the voice of Tony the Tiger), Paul Winchell (the voice of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh), James “Jimmy” Doohan (Scotty from Star Trek), news anchor Peter Jennings, Bob Denver (Gilligan) and countless others.

And this all just shows one thing…when it’s time for you to go, your time card is punched and it’s off to meet your Maker.

Here’s hoping that all of them had the right relationship with God and that I’ll get to see them again one day.

Renegade Rita Runs Down

September 25, 2005

Once a monstrous Category 5 hurricane with 175 mile per hour winds, Rita slowed down before hitting the Gulf Coast on Saturday morning near the Louisiana/Texas border, much to the relief of FEMA and rescue workers.

This behemoth was tamed by several factors; most notable among these were cooler waters and wind shear it encountered 24 hours before landfall. This storm could have been much, much worse had it not weakened, and would have been on a destructive par with Katrina a few weeks earlier.

Nevertheless, flooding still happened in New Orleans’ Ninth District; many homes were destroyed along the Gulf Coast, but thankfully only few casualties were reported.

All we can do is give thanks to God and learn the lessons given to us from these two storms; namely that no matter how much we plan we are at the mercy of the weather, earthquakes, and any other natural disaster that comes our way…and that our lives are not our own to dictate as we choose.

We are NOT in control. Only God is.

Hurricane Rita Update

September 23, 2005

Yeah, I know, I know….we live in Missouri and the hurricane probably will stall out in northern Texas and not affect us…but inquirying minds want to know, so here goes:

From the major networks, this story: the Ninth Ward levee in New Orleans has a 30 foot wide waterfall pouring over it right now, flooding the already devastated area with waist deep water and it’s still rising. This could be attributed to the storm surge combined with rainfall from the hurricane. Trouble is, this wasn’t anticipated to happen this early on.

A hurricane evacuation bus blew up on gridlocked Interstate 45 today, killing up to 24 elderly nursing home patients. It was believed that the fire started due to a mechanical issue and oxygen tanks onboard contributed to the sudden explosion.

Officials are worried that many residents fleeing Rita will be stuck on jammed roadways when the hurricane hits, and this could result in massive casualties. Authorities are urging everyone to seek shelter as soon as possible.

Hurricane Rita is heading for an early Saturday morning landfall along the Texas/ Louisiana border as a strong Cat 3 or 4 storm (winds currently clocked at 135 mph), then will stall out as steering currents weaken. Up to 25 inches of rain or more could fall with this system. Definitely NOT good for those downstream, like in southern Louisiana and Texas.

More news as it comes in.