The Future of New Orleans

To rebuild or not. That is the pressing question on everyone’s mind.

Will this bustling city of entertainment rise from the filthy stench of death and sewage to reclaim a spot as one of the top entertainment spots in the U.S.? Will life in southern Louisiana ever be the same? Can our country grab hold of the promise of true freedom and draw closer to God for His comfort and grace?

IMHO (in my humble opinion, to those out there who are not Net-savvy) the answers are no; no; and doubtful.

It will take billions of taxpayers dollars to bring N.O. to even a semblance of its former self; many homeowners who were insured will take the money and run far, far away to higher ground; others who were less fortunate will have to seek employment in larger metropolitan areas to help pay the bills.

Watersoaked homes and businesses damaged beyond repair will be leveled and transformed into large areas of nothingness; downtown developers will plead for businesses to occupy their buildings to no avail, as most people will finally get a clue and relocate to less disaster-prone locations.

Finally, even through this cataclysmic event, people will still choose to seek the path of least resistance, which is most certainly the ways of the world. It is easier to just go with the flow than to give in to the Lord, who requires a lifetime of servitude to help others and to lead them to Christ. We have already seen the degradation of society in the 96 hour span from the arrival of Hurricane Katrina to almost total lawlessness in the city of New Orleans. People would rather steal, rob, kill or destroy than to help each other out. They take more value in a new tv set that won’t even work because there’s no electricity than in a human life.

While people moan and groan about not having any help…how about helping each other and finding ways to better their situations through teamwork and love and compassion? There is always hope when we learn to work together for the good.

But, in the short term, there is NO hope in a society that places their trust in the things of this world…instead of placing their trust in our living God.

He can help; He can do miracles…but we have to trust in Him fully.


One Response to The Future of New Orleans

  1. Anonymous says:

    From this rescue workers eyes, Richard, you can’t begin to write of the true devastation that is in the south at this time and the rippling effects it has had.

    I’ve been there, seen it, worked in it, smelled it, and vomited it and I am going again to save lives of those who are left.

    It is a war zone that is undescribable and I was forced to come out for a short time. I am eager to return and finish the jobs at hand.

    When you shake a country, state, city, society, family, or person like a glass of fluids, what ever is on the inside will come out. Whatever is on the inside comes out in the rawest of forms. If it is urine and mold or if its crystal clear water, it spills out. Devastation like this shows what is on everyone’s insides.

    For those who dare to critisize EMA at all, I challenge you to walk with me just 30 minutes on the LA or MS coast this minute. Saving lives while being shot at or having a gun to your head is true love for man and brethern.

    It is very hard to walk away from a mother who is begging you to buy her some formula for her child. Hers was washed away in the ocean. She carries her child, who is not breathing… and she is still begging for formula. In her own dehydrated delirium she believes her child still is crying for milk.

    Biblical? Read to learn.

    God is talking to us all.

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