Of Cars, Stormy Weather, and Toonfest Stuff

First subject…cars suck when they break down. It costs money. Bummer.

Still don’t know what is wrong with it; it was hauled to the shop today so we shall see.

Second subject…finally we get some rain again, which is good news for lawns but bad news for farmers as we are in the full swing of harvest season. Pray that the deluge will be limited so that there will be a good yield for the year (corn has been stricken by the heat and lack of rain this summer; soybeans should be ok).

Third subject…Toonfest celebration this weekend here in Marceline; always guaranteed to bring out people regardless of cold or hot weather…it should be beautiful for this year, with a high around 80 under partly cloudy skies. Jeannie and I are singing at 3:00PM at the Ripley Park Stage; then it’s off to Brookfield that evening to sing at the Farm Bureau annual dinner at 6:30PM; we’ve been tapped to supply the entertainment this year. In between the festivities for the day we are going to see our daughter Micah’s grave to place flowers on it; she would’ve been a senior in high school this year. Wow. We miss her terribly but we know that she is with our Lord and is happy and healed…and that’s all that matters. 🙂

If you get time drop by Toonfest this Saturday; they’ll be several cartoonists there of note. Check out their website (which I happened to design…LOL) for more info. There’s a link to it on the Slice of Home main page.

Here’s hoping you have a safe and sound weekend! Remember that God IS alive and that He wants nothing more than to have a wonderful, loving relationship with you today!

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