The Decline of Main Street USA

I am saddened and somewhat concerned about the recent decline of values on Main Street USA here in Marceline.

Within the past year there have been several events held during the weekend that served alcohol on this stretch of blacktop that Walt Disney once trod upon; drunken individuals have been seen staggering about and using foul language in a place that prides itself as having core family values and beliefs.

Two of the downtown eating establishments have obtained liquor licenses within the past year, much to the chagrin of those who have tried to keep this away from our tourist destination. Others who are in positions of influence in local government have turned a blind eye, focusing instead on more non-threatening issues than the more pressing problem of why this has been allowed to happen.

Downtown Marceline is no place for tourists to come to pay homage to Disney and have to be subjected to rude, smelly, and obnoxious drunks. People will go elsewhere to visit if this behavior is allowed to continue.

After all, if you go to Disneyland or Disney World, there isn’t any kind, shape or form of alcoholic beverage served anywhere in the parks. Especially on Main Street USA, which was patterned after Marceline’s own downtown area.

So my question is this…if we are supposed to embrace those wonderful values that Walt Disney held in such high esteem, where have we gone astray?


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