Charge Conference Tonight…

At Trinity UMC in Brookfield; been in town for most of the day saving on gas and doing the audio-visual stuff for the services while Jeannie directed the children’s choir practice.

Was an eventful meeting; lots of praise to the Lord through song, and the biggest news for us was that I was officially certified as a lay speaker in the UM conference and will be put on the pulpit supply list to preach God’s Word as needed throughout our area. This is the next step of my calling to one day pastor a church, God willing.

In other news, went to my first of nine lay missioner classes on Saturday (after which I will be called a certified lay minister; then on to ordination school) where they taught on professional and personal boundaries. Basically a bunch of hogwash to cover their hind ends after the big suit against the Missouri UMC over the sexual harassment case involving a pastor and the music minister of the church he served at. What was amazing is that Jesus was not mentioned at all until the closing prayer; of course, me and my big mouth proceeded to let the instructor know about that…but I wasn’t the only one! There were several of us who expressed our dismay at this, along with other issues.

It is totally amazing at what they are teaching in the seminaries nowadays; what’s worse is that this is spread out over ALL the denominations, not just the Methodist faith. The enemy is getting a foothold and we are letting him have his way with the church leaders of tomorrow. It’s time to grab the momentum back and make a stand for Jesus!

That said…I have four lay missioner classes next year, and then four more the year after. It can be guaranteed that I will be letting people know who my Savior is and that He will be proclaimed from ANY pulpit I stand in.

If they wish to crucify me, then fine…because it is not me they are denying, but Jesus our Lord.


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