Car Troubles Yet Again…

When it rains, it pours, huh?

Found out that the harmonic balancer on our Grand Am bit the dust over the past two days; so in to our endless money pit of one of our vehicles goes another $200+…we will be thankful when the spring comes and we go van shopping! We really need a bigger sized vehicle anyways, and we’ll gracefully retire the Pontiac to the parts pasture.

This just reminds us of how the enemy uses financial situations to drag us down, beat us up, and get our focus off of God. But through it all, as long as we trust in the One who gave His Life for us on Calvary…well, things ALWAYS turn out if we just put our hands in the Hands of the One who stilled the waters, right? 🙂

Even when we can’t see God’s Hands working, we can always feel His Presence. And that is a comfort and assurance for better days ahead.

So, even though money is tight now and we never seem to get ahead, there are several prospects looming on the horizon that we pray will get our finances back up to snuff.

Pray for us as we continue to use our gifts to glorify the Lord! No matter what trials or obstacles we face.


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