Monday, Monday

Another weekend has gone by; 2005 is quickly winding down as we look forward to a new year with lots of challenges and fresh adventures for the Lord ahead.

Next year is also my 25th class reunion from Brookfield High School. It seems like yesterday when I walked across the stage at the middle school auditorium/gymnasium to receive that piece of paper heralding the wondrous event known as adult life; much water has flowed under the bridges of my journey since that day, and, like Forrest Gump, “I’ve worn LOTS of shoes.” From being a radio announcer to being homeless for a stretch of time due to drug and alcohol abuse to being the executive V.P. of a telephone/Internet service provider…well, it seems that I’ve did a lot of things in my life.

The proudest moment, though, was when I gave my life to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I know my Daddy was so proud of me then, because even through my knuckheadedness He was ever-so-patient with me, and He knew that one day I would understand who He was and who He is.

Thanks, Jesus, for your Sacrifice; thanks, Holy Spirit, for your prompting; and thank you, Father…for everything that is so blessed in my life now.


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