News From The Homefront

I resigned my position as Vice-President of the Marceline Area Chamber of Commerce recently.

Why, you may ask? Various reasons…the biggest one being that I was spending entirely too much time focusing on Chamber stuff, and on other committees and boards Jeannie and I serve on here in Marceline, and not enough time on the Lord and my family.

And that is definitely NOT what God wants.

Plus, as I start my classes on the road to seminary and God’s calling in my life to become an ordained minister for Him (prayerfully), I want to be able to concentrate on the Word of God more and glean a better understanding of my relationship with Him, and as a husband to Jeannie and as a father to our wonderful kiddos.

There were also underlying tensions between a fellow officer and I over decisions relating to advertising and conducting Chamber business. I, along with several other Chamber members, have seen a controlling factor involved in some of the decision-making, and when this person was confronted with it, they basically denied ever doing that and stuck fast to their guns. Back in the day when I lived in the world and did things that way, it was ok in my book; but now….NO. And because of that, I cannot serve on a board or as an officer of an organization with someone who has this type of behavior, and doesn’t know the Lord or even acknowledge Him.

I cannot compromise God’s position for anything this world has to offer. There is no gray area; there is only black and white. Jesus said, “Either you are for me or against me.” He made it pretty simple to understand, didn’t He? Either we live in the world and succumb to what it has to offer (and in the flesh it offers plenty, but all of it leads to ruin), or we stand for what God says and do what He says,and live our lives for Him.

So, I made the decision to stand fast in Him.

Call me a fool and call me crazy…but I know in my heart that this is what God wants me to do.

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