Another Worm On The Loose…


That’s the latest variant that is wreaking havoc on ISPs around the nation as it self-emails all ove the place.

Locally, Cebridge, SBC, and others are being affected; a few quite heavily judging by the sheer numbers coming into my junk mail folder.

The big question is this: why, oh why can’t people just keep their antivirus definitions updated regularly if they use a PC? It’s not that hard and saves a bunch of headaches like this one. Just one click…that’s all. And this pretty little worm wouldn’t be replicating right now.

Having run a 6400 member ISP before in south Georgia, I know the aggravation this is causing because of people not having the proper updates on thir computers. It doesn’t take but a few seconds and really helps out with long-term network security. And the tech support people at the ISPs will thank you kindly.

Somewhere, there are IT (Information Technology) personnel cursing up a storm as they work on filtering out this mess.

To read about this nasty bug, click here.

Will the madness ever end?

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