Two for Tuesday

January 31, 2006

We used to have a saying at one fo the radio stations that I was an announcer at; and that was “It’s Two for Tuesday…we’re playing TWO songs from your favorite artists ALL day long!”

Whatever happened to that concept? What’s happened to the days when live “disc jockeys” ruled the airwaves every single day, and radio had a personality?

Sad to say, satellite-fed stations are now the norm in smaller towns, and those glory-seeking local voices have become just distant memories.

Been thinking about that subject and I think I’ll touch on that in this month’s column for the Linn County Leader.


A Rainy Saturday…

January 28, 2006

in northern Missouri; one that makes you just want to crawl up underneath the covers and go to sleep.

Yeah, one of those days.

Not much happening around these parts for the weekend. Just relaxing, chilling, and doing some paperwork for the bakery plans. Have to work on my column for the paper this week, and redesign the SOD Ministry website. Been putting that off for too long and with Jeannie and I having several places set to sing at, it’s high time I got things done.

Things to ponder: the distant thumping of war drums from the Palestinians and the Chinese government; the callousness of people in today’s world who just seem to be looking out for themselves and not for the Kingdom of God and the salvation of souls; and the general downtrodden condition of society.

Why is it like this? Basically because we’ve allowed it to become so sad; there is no one to blame but ourselves. I can remember back in the 60’s and 70’s, when things were much simpler and the world didn’t seem to be so foreboding and, in a word, “scary.” Small towns were just that–small and friendly and welcoming. We still have that in Marceline, but I can see parts of the big city life creeping in to the rural Midwest.

I thank God that I live here, though, because this is part of the Bible Belt; where going to church feels like meeting with family and friends; where your pastor knows everyone by name and the sermons are Spirit-filled and one can actually glean the message that God is telling us in “nuggets of Truth.” Even though we may lag behind the rest of the country in technologies and in “worldly” things, we feel that we are blessed by having a special closeness to friends, family, and the Lord.

Now don’t get me wrong; I am not saying that there aren’t people in the metro areas who aren’t this way also; but it just seems that life there is too rushed and too self-consuming. It’s always about how far we can advance our lives to be at the top of the food chain instead of letting God come first.

Oprah “Freys” The Book Club Writer

January 26, 2006

In a recent post, I foretold that things were going to get ugly concerning James Frey and his lack of remorse concerning the untruths he told in his book, “A Million Little Pieces.”

Well, it’s officially ugly now.

Oprah confronted Frey on a LIVE show today, asking him how he could basically dupe her and millions of others who read his supposedly “true” raw and poignant tale of drug addiction. She was at times both visibly angry, and in tears.

Come to find out, James Frey lied. About his past; his stint in a prison; his “bad attitude” image. Pretty much everything.

As her way of disassociating herself with Frey, Winfrey apologized to her viewers immediately on the show, and said that her phone call defense of the author on the Larry King Show was wrong, and that she was misled by his entire story.

The Smoking Gun revealed Frey’s fictional story a few weeks back. When asked about what they wrote, Frey stated, “Most of what they wrote is pretty accurate.”

Wow. What a reversal. On Winfrey’s part, on James Frey’s part.

As always, the truth comes out. One way or another, God sees to that. It’s a shame that Frey thought he could make tons of money and gain fame by lying; but satan has a habit of whispering to us and makes us believe his lies in their entirety.

Let’s all pray that James Frey will now come clean with his story, ask for forgiveness, and come to know Jesus as his personal Savior.

My Damascus “Experience”

January 25, 2006

I always find the story of Paul so fascinating because it mirrors my salvation experience so closely; God definitely knew that I needed to be blinded to the world and set flat on my back in order for the Holy Spirit to show me the error of my ways and the sins in my life so that I could cry out and accept the Lord Jesus as my personal Savior.

The most interesting thing about Paul was that later on in Acts he goes into a detailed explanation to Agrippa on what Jesus told him on the road to Damascus. This isn’t mentioned earlier in the chapter, however; which leads me to this conclusion–that Agrippa, like Paul, needed that extra oomph to make it not only real to him, but an EXPERIENCE that he was not to forget any time soon.

Just like the Father did for me 17 years ago. It was a TRUE blessing in my life; and I know that I was headed down the wrong path that led to destruction. Only through God’s amazing, saving Grace am I here today to tell His wonderful News to others.

God is good! ALL the time!!

Sorry For The Absence…

January 24, 2006

Had a lot going on this weekend and took yesterday off to celebrate Jeannie’s 41st birthday. We went out of town to see some sights and check on some other things and just plain RELAX and decompress.

Plus, we ate lunch together…just the two of us. It was very nice and reminded me of our honeymoon. 🙂

Things for the bakery are moving forward. Have to get some figures together for a pro forma to give to our investor; get the contractor over here to look at the building and give us an estimate on remodeling costs and time to finish; call the warehouse for some more equipment, etc. etc. etc. etc.

Please continue to pray for us as this slowly comes about. God’s will be done and may He be glorified!!

Saturday Night Fever

January 21, 2006

No, no, no….I am NOT sick and I am not running a temperature; nor have I become delusion and put on my powder blue leisure suit and got out the dancing shoes. I just thought I’d post a catchy headline to grab your interest.

Well, we did get the snow that was forecasted so adequately by the NWS….all .75 inches of it.

Oooooooooooooo. I’m truly impressed.

All it did was wet things down and make an otherwise cold winter’s day that much more dreary.

Received the next course reg form for Lay Missioner’s Training today. March 11th is on “Evangelism and Outreach” and should be interesting. We’ll see how it goes. After that one, only 8 more to go!! Woohoo!

Church tomorrow. Linda asked me to sing “I Believe” at the 8AM service. Funny thing is, everyone knows the song except me. Never heard of it but it has a beautiful piano arrangement. Very nice, and it goes along perfectly with the sermon.

Hope you are blessed!

Where’s The Snow?

January 20, 2006

Sheesh…here I am hoping for snow and all it’s doing is sleeting with some freezing rain mixed in to torment me.


The little kid in me is watching the forecast and seeing all the white stuff shifting north of Marceline.

As usual.

I can remember as a kid here in northern Missouri, watching it snow by the FOOT and not just by inches; seeing our spit freeze on metal fenceposts almost instantly when the temp was FAR below zero; times we spent sledding at the Brookfield Water Plant while enjoying an ice cold root beer that we got from the pop machine inside the premises; or those days we went ice fishing on the Brookfield City Lake in the dead of winter, as the ice creaked beneath our feet.

Yeah, I know. They seem so mundane and even stupid in our “adult” world today. But how it made the adolescent heart thump in excitement and joy.

Those were indeed the “good ol’ days.”