It’s Official…Sort Of!

Jeannie and I have been working diligently for many months on having our own business here in Marceline; to be able to work together, side by side, is a dream.

As of the annual Chamber dinner on Monday, this dream is a BIG step closer to reality, with the announcement that construction will begin in March on remodeling an existing building here in town for our business, to be called Main Street USA Bakery. This will be a full-line bakery with donuts, cookies, baked goods, breads, specialty cakes, etc.

Our investor made the announcement at the dinner, to our shock at first; but now we are entirely giddy at the prospect of finally having the chance to work and minister together as a team for Jesus.

There is still MUCH to be done before we open, including getting our equipment, having our sign made (which is already designed on paper), doing the ads and marketing; obtaining dry ingredient inventory, having some trial runs with a finished product, etc. But we are confident that things will fall in place as needed.

Please pray for us! More news will follow as it comes closer to opening day!


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