Where’s The Snow?

Sheesh…here I am hoping for snow and all it’s doing is sleeting with some freezing rain mixed in to torment me.


The little kid in me is watching the forecast and seeing all the white stuff shifting north of Marceline.

As usual.

I can remember as a kid here in northern Missouri, watching it snow by the FOOT and not just by inches; seeing our spit freeze on metal fenceposts almost instantly when the temp was FAR below zero; times we spent sledding at the Brookfield Water Plant while enjoying an ice cold root beer that we got from the pop machine inside the premises; or those days we went ice fishing on the Brookfield City Lake in the dead of winter, as the ice creaked beneath our feet.

Yeah, I know. They seem so mundane and even stupid in our “adult” world today. But how it made the adolescent heart thump in excitement and joy.

Those were indeed the “good ol’ days.”

One Response to Where’s The Snow?

  1. Yeppers, my darling husband. But at least we can keep eachother warm now. Sigh! Gasp! Wish I could have kept you warm 25 years ago. ILY

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