My Damascus “Experience”

I always find the story of Paul so fascinating because it mirrors my salvation experience so closely; God definitely knew that I needed to be blinded to the world and set flat on my back in order for the Holy Spirit to show me the error of my ways and the sins in my life so that I could cry out and accept the Lord Jesus as my personal Savior.

The most interesting thing about Paul was that later on in Acts he goes into a detailed explanation to Agrippa on what Jesus told him on the road to Damascus. This isn’t mentioned earlier in the chapter, however; which leads me to this conclusion–that Agrippa, like Paul, needed that extra oomph to make it not only real to him, but an EXPERIENCE that he was not to forget any time soon.

Just like the Father did for me 17 years ago. It was a TRUE blessing in my life; and I know that I was headed down the wrong path that led to destruction. Only through God’s amazing, saving Grace am I here today to tell His wonderful News to others.

God is good! ALL the time!!


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