Breaking Apple News…

February 28, 2006

The addition of a new Mac mini with the dual core Intel processor; more stuff for the iTunes store, and an iPod home stereo.

Only Apple could come up with this kind of cool geek accessories.

The Mac mini is the first step in a total home entertainement solution. Mark my words. Pretty soon everything, including your Internet access, television and movie viewing, and anything having to do with entertaining in your home will come through media devices such as these. And, Apple has the market primed now with their products.

Next up for Apple? A TOTAL video iPod with a virtual touchscreen interface; the entire thing will be a viewing screen. And, you will be able to watch movies and media downloaded from the iTunes store on it; in addition to being able to plug it into your Mac mini and watch it full or widescreen on your home tv.

Look for this SOON.


Busy Week

February 28, 2006

Sorry if it’s been a few days; been really busy here with the move and getting things unpacked finally and having birthday parties and going to meetings and etc etc etc.

This week I’m preparing a message for Sunday evening at Trinity entitled “Enoch Did It; We Can, Too!”; Mike and Linda are on vacation and I’m one of the lay speakers filling in for our pastor for the next three weeks. I’m nervous, excited, and very humbled. It will be very draining, as it is every time I step into the pulpit.

So please pray for me this upcoming week, and on Sunday. Also pray for all of our lay speakers at TUMC as we take on the leadership duing the next few weeks. Most of all, pray for Mike and Linda as they vacation and enjoy this sabbatical; may they come back refreshed and renewed with the Holy Spirit.

After The Desolation…

February 25, 2006

Of an early morning moving sale and a nine-year old’s birthday party (my daughter Kelsey), I finally get a chance to sit down and write something.

Wow. I am beat. So is Jeannie.

It is amazing that as all of us get older, that we have less and less energy to do the things that we want to; plus we also have less patience to deal with the mundane things in life. Why do you suppose that is? Is it because of the simple fact that we have lost the innocence in our lives, and the world has put a cold, hard edge on us?

Isn’t faith like that in a lot of ways? When we first come to know and accept Jesus as our personal Savior and Lord, we are filled with such a child-like wonder about the awesomeness of His Love, Mercy and Grace. We are on fire for Him, and want to tell the WHOLE world about Jesus; we dive into church work and get busy for God…but then, as time goes on and we grow accustomed to the rituals and traditions that is part of worshipping Him in church, we get lazy; it’s the “same-old, same-old” attitude that threatens our very relationship with God sometimes.

I know, because I’ve been there and done that at one time in my life. And, to be honest, God sometimes was further from my mind that I cared to admit then. I thought that by working and working and trying to build God’s Kingdom through works, then that was what mattered. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think that works was what saved me; but I thought that works were what mattered over most everything else.

Then God showed me one day what was the MOST important; putting Him first in and over everything else. Including Jeannie, my kids, my job…EVERYTHING. And since then, God has revealed to me that so many people need to hear that very message. That HE is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. That our very relationship with Jesus should be at the forefront of everything we do and say and accomplish in our lives.

This is a subject that needs to be addressed very soon in our churches today.

Not later…but VERY, very soon.

Glad It’s Friday…

February 24, 2006

Been a long week; gonna be an even longer weekend with Kelsey’s b-day party at our house and the youth choir get-together tonight and our moving sale tomorrow and church on Sunday and…before you know it, Monday’s here again!

ARG! As a pirate would say.

But…I am thankful that I have these things to be busy with; God has truly blessed me with a wonderful loving family, as well as true friends.

As the song goes…

Count your blessings, name them one by one,
Count your blessings, see what God has done,
Count your blessings, name them one by one
Count your many blessings, see what God has done!

Indeed…all of us are very blessed; we just forget to remember those blessings and forget to say thanks to God for them.  🙂

James Frey Yet In More Deep Stuff

February 23, 2006

The Oprah Book Club writer is now without a publisher. ABC News has the sordid details.

Like I said before in a previous post, nothing ever seems to come out good when lies and untruths are told. Frey is just the latest example of that, and it is sad to see. The pit of deceit he is falling in to seems to be bottomless.

All I can tell him is this…”Dude…ask God to forgive you and accept His Son Jesus as your own personal Savior. Learn from this and go on.”

Ron Put Me Up To This…

February 22, 2006

Leave it to the older brother to tag me and have me come up with some inane answers to these questions. So here goes nothing. Remember, it’s 9PM and I am in dire need of some sleep. So if these answers are somewhat weird, chalk it up to that.
1. Four Jobs I’ve Had
•Radio Announcer
•Executive V.P. of an Internet Service Provider
•Sales and Marketing Director of a medical device company
•Labor pool worker

2. Four movies I could watch over and over
•”The Matrix”
•”Blazing Saddles”
•”Office Space”

3. Four places I’ve lived
•Los Angeles
•Brookfield, MO (back home again)

4. Four TV shows I love
•”The 4400″
•”Gilligan’s Island” reruns
•”The Dead Zone”

5. Four places I’ve vacationed
•Mexico City, Mexico
•Destin Beach, FL (my favorite one)

6. Four of my favorite dishes
•Mom’s curry rice
•Jeannie’s chicken and noodles
•Enchiladas suizas

7. Four sites I visit daily
•CNET news (because of the geek in me)

8. Four places I’d rather be right now
•In bed with my wife
•In bed with my wife
•In bed with my wife
•In bed with my wife (notice the repetitive pattern?)

9. Four books I love
•The Bible
•Tornado! (don’t ask)
•Stephen King’s The Stand
•Lod of the Rings

10. Four video games I could play over and over
•Unreal Tournament (nothing like blowing aliens heads apart–woohoo!)
•Mario Kart

OK….going to bed with my wife now. 🙂

Gonna tag someone else tomorrow in the AM. Be forewarned.

For Those Who Want To Know…

February 22, 2006

BHS Class of 1981
25 year Reunion
Sat., June 24, 2006
6:00 PM; Elks Lodge in Brookfield

A full day of events are scheduled! Family Picnic at 11 (South City Park), Golf at 1 (Brookfield Country Club), then the evening (social hour, dinner, and dance) at the Elks.

TWENTY-FIVE years since I graduated from high school. I cannot believe it sometimes. Life is SO fleeting, you know?