Some Thoughts on State of the Union Address

I don’t often dwell into the realm of political discussion; I leave that to my brother Ron at Chatter who is much more learned and verbose on such matters.

However, I’ll take a moment to give you my take on the SOTU addy that President Bush gave last night:

Interesting, in one word. Some good ideas on weaning the U.S. off Mideast oil dependency and using alternative energy resources (Advanced Energy Initiative); optimistic views on the War in Iraq and the escalating crisis over Iran’s nuclear program; brief defensive positioning over Social Security; a nice opening paragraph about the passing of Coretta Scott King; and a touching moment in introducing Marine Sergeant Dan Clay’s family to the assembled guests and legislators.

Are there problems? Sure. Was the speech sort of vague in solutions? Yes, but there were the beginnings of hope. Were the Democrats whining and posturing themselves like spoiled kids? Most definitely, and this does not bode well for them in this off-year election campaign.

Folks, we need answers to problems, and that means BOTH parties working together for change. Not just one or the other. There are answers to everything, as long as we put God at the forefront and ourselves behind the lines. After all, we were founded under biblical principles as “One nation under God.”

It’s high time we took a step back and realized this, and get back to the basics of life: hearts that are pure, and love that is blind. A faith that is fervently grounded in Christ, and a Hope that endures for ALL time.


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