Speaking of Moving and Consolidating…

As I sit here, God just reminded me that, so often in our lives, we let “stuff” get in the way of our relationship with Him. Be it our job, finances, kids, spouses, etc.; we can make any or all of these things our little “god” and let them take the focus off of what, and who, matters the most…and that is GOD.

As we have been packing these past few days, I am AMAZED by the stuff (junk) that we’ve acquired and never use; literally boxes and boxes of this burdening waste are being jettisoned into the trash.

Why, you might ask.? Because it’s all things that are not necessary for us to live. These things are just WANTS and not NEEDS. God will and does supply those things we need, so why do we need all that other stuff anyways?

It’s been a literal eye-opener; a really NICE one.

Thanks, God! 🙂

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