Moved And Sorta Settled In…

best describes the Davis household currently.  🙂

Saturday was not only a little chilly but downright C.O.L.D.  A dusting of snow on teh ground made it all seem surreal, and the bone-numbing freeze of -2 overnight was totally ridiculous.

Thanks to all the big lugs that helped us move; Zack, Davey, Ben, T.C. the other Davey, my bro Bob and myself manhandled the big stuff. Their help was much appreciated and needed. Pizza and pop was had by all, and everything is now in its rightful place.

My task this week: run a phone line around the house for the DSL modem. We’re running on wires snaking across the floor right now. A temp fix…but hey…it works.


One Response to Moved And Sorta Settled In…

  1. Wifey says:

    Settled in according to who?

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