Ron Put Me Up To This…

Leave it to the older brother to tag me and have me come up with some inane answers to these questions. So here goes nothing. Remember, it’s 9PM and I am in dire need of some sleep. So if these answers are somewhat weird, chalk it up to that.
1. Four Jobs I’ve Had
•Radio Announcer
•Executive V.P. of an Internet Service Provider
•Sales and Marketing Director of a medical device company
•Labor pool worker

2. Four movies I could watch over and over
•”The Matrix”
•”Blazing Saddles”
•”Office Space”

3. Four places I’ve lived
•Los Angeles
•Brookfield, MO (back home again)

4. Four TV shows I love
•”The 4400″
•”Gilligan’s Island” reruns
•”The Dead Zone”

5. Four places I’ve vacationed
•Mexico City, Mexico
•Destin Beach, FL (my favorite one)

6. Four of my favorite dishes
•Mom’s curry rice
•Jeannie’s chicken and noodles
•Enchiladas suizas

7. Four sites I visit daily
•CNET news (because of the geek in me)

8. Four places I’d rather be right now
•In bed with my wife
•In bed with my wife
•In bed with my wife
•In bed with my wife (notice the repetitive pattern?)

9. Four books I love
•The Bible
•Tornado! (don’t ask)
•Stephen King’s The Stand
•Lod of the Rings

10. Four video games I could play over and over
•Unreal Tournament (nothing like blowing aliens heads apart–woohoo!)
•Mario Kart

OK….going to bed with my wife now. 🙂

Gonna tag someone else tomorrow in the AM. Be forewarned.

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