What To Write About?

March 30, 2006

As usual, my column is due today and I really don't have a clue on what to write about.

I was going to put in a story about the Marceline Park Board…but I think I'll write a news story about that and submit it to the Leader. Easier that way, and will probably get more coverage.

Nothing really strikes a chord with me..and that is scary…of course, it's Easter coming up, a time when we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead. So….


Time to wade into the fray again.


Macs, Macs Everywhere!

March 28, 2006

Our household is being invaded by older Macs, thanks to a great buy from my lovely wife Jeannie.

Seems that the local school here was auctioning off some G3 towers and Imacs this past weekend…and selling them as a tower and monitor combination.


So, after conversing with my wife over the cell phone (I was headed towards a meeting in Milan at the time) I told her to buy a few if the price was right. 

$40 for two G3 towers and two Imacs is a steal!

After cannibalizing the RAM out of three of the four, I now have Jeannie a cleaned up G3 tower running OS 10.2.8. Later upgrades will include a bigger HD and more RAM, and a G4 processor. When all is said and done, I'll have about $300 invested TOTAL. And the computer will be nearly as fast as mine is.

Then, I can work on getting one done for the girls and also for a file server to dish out music.

Ah, the joys of Mac computers. Beats a PC any day of the week for ease of use and for trouble-free maintenance. 

“The New Home Of Spring Break”

March 27, 2006

Most kids go to Cancun; or Daytona Beach; or somwhere warm to get away from it all during Spring Break.

This guy went to Wal-Mart–where he hung out for 41 hours. Believe it or not.

Read the story here.

Guaranteed that this'll be a book or tv movie coming out soon. It's just weird enough. 

Rainy Days and Mondays…

March 27, 2006

Don't always get me down, as the song goes by The Carpenters.

Had an eventful weekend; met with my mentor, Rev. Michael Davis of Milan United Methodist Church, who is recommeding me to the District Superintendent for local licensing as a pastor. I'll meet with the DS sometime in the near future.

Of course, I'll have to go through all the necessary requirements such as psychological testing (now THAT'S a scary thought) and be brought up at a charge conference for the church congregation to vote on, etc. But I thank God for this opportunity, as this is a calling in my life that I cannot deny. It's been way too long and I have resisted God's gentle nudging in my life to be a servant leader for Him…and I know that it's just time. Time to step aside and let Him work through me to lead people to Jesus, and to be a shepherd to His sheep.

So please pray that I will humbly acknowledge His call and never stray from the path that He has placed me on.

In other news, Jeannie and I have been invited back to Freedom Baptist to sing the Sunday after Easter and also in September, as well as next Mother's Day. LOL. Need to put these in my Palm Pilot so I don't forget. 🙂

Also, please pray for our pastor, Mike White from Trinity UMC. His stepfather went to be with the Lord on Thursday and the funeral is today; there is a lot of family feuding going on and Mike needs prayer support to help deal with the mess, and to help be a witness to his unsaved family members. Jeannie and I can both relate to losing a loved one, as both of our dads died this past year.

Lastly, pleae pray for Bob and Peggy Sanders. Peggy had a massive stroke this weekend and they are a near and dear couple to us; they are always there with an encouraging word and also have shown us what it's like to have a close and loving marriage to your soulmate. Pray that she will be healed in whatever way God sees fit.

Prayer works wonders.


Slain Minister’s Wife Charged With Murder

March 24, 2006

From CNN

This story broke yesterday, and I’ve been following it closely. My first thought was that she killed her husband and fleed with the children; I had no idea how close to the truth I was. It’s almost eerie.

A motive? They’ve charged her with first-degree murder, which sways more to the fact that it was premeditated. The big question is: Why?
Such a sad story…what a shame.

It’s amazing the hold that satan has on the world today. We are seeing his presence more and more in world events.

We need to pray for this woman and her kids. May they feel the love of God and draw close to Him during these upcoming months, which are sure to be a struggle with lots of questions going unanswered.

It’s Friday!

March 24, 2006

Man, talk about a looooooooooooooooong week.

Seems as if the days are getting longer to work and the weekends are ever-so-short.

As you get older, do you realize that life is going by faster and faster? It’s amazing to think that I am 43 now, and it was just “yesterday” that I was graduating from high school and boarding a plane for the U.S. Navy’s Great Lakes Recruit Training Command in Illinois.

Weird how time is measured in bits and pieces of memories from our existence here on earth. Loooking at it from God’s perspective, our lives are but a blink of His Eye. Here…then gone to spend eternity with Him…or with that other fella.
Something to ponder as your weekend gets here.

A Season For Everything

March 23, 2006

For laughter; prayer; meditation on God’s Word…

For sorrow; sadness; and fellowship with God’s people…

For those things in our lives that we deem “important” but in actually never are as important as they seem;

For a time of renewing our spirits; refreshing our hearts; and awakening our souls to the majesty of God.

The latter is what I ask God for every morning: to make my heart fresh and “alive” again towards Him; to give me a renewed faith that puts aside the garbage of this world and views my relationship with God as through the eyes of a child; to feel revived and invigorated, ready to witness to ALL about the saving Grace and Power of our risen Savior.

Help me, Lord, to be your humble and loving servant. To serve others as Christ served His disciples. To be a loving helpmate for my wife. To be a loving father to my children as You are a loving Father to us. To show love and compassion to those in need; the least, the last, and the lost.

Father, just shape me into Your own. For Your purpose.