Monday Morning Musings

Busy weekend, with my second Lay Missioner course on Saturday, then church yesterday, and lovely violent tornadic weather Sunday morning and Sunday evening gracing our area.

The joys of springtime in the Midwest.

Praise God, most of the stuff went south of us; but we need to pray for those families who lost loved ones and for the devastation caused. According to the National Weather Service, there were over 100 reports of severe weather/high winds/tornado sightings in the northern and central Missouri region.

We received high wind, hail and lots of rain, but no bad stuff.

Some thoughts on the weekend:

  • Lay Missioners course was on Evangelism, and what we can do to win souls for Jesus. The instructor was wonderful, and brought some much needed insight into this subject. The best thing of all is that he spoke about Jesus, and about the personal relationship people need to have with Him. It was refreshing to hear a seminary professor proclaim the Lord’s Name in a public setting.
  • Another interesting note is that he said, once a person was saved, that it didn’t matter what church they attended, as long as they are being fed from the Word of God. My sentiments EXACTLY. We are all ONE corporate Body of Jesus Christ, and we need to get that denominational crap out of our heads and reach the lost and dying in the world. The Great Commission says to go; preach; baptize; teach. Never said they had to be Methodists or Baptists or Catholics or anything else. And I, of course, had to open my mouth and speak my piece. LOL.
  • Church was wonderful. Great messages from Rob King and Joe Smith yesterday. All in all, we’ve had a good two weeks of preaching and teaching while the pastor and his family take a much deserved and needed vacation.
  • The further I get involved into ministerial teachings, the more committed I am into letting God use me in whatever capacity He wants. If He opens up the door for me to pastor a church or churches, then so be it. The Word of God NEEDS and HAS to be proclaimed from the pulpit, and God’s people need a vision, and the leadership to take them where that vision leads. I am dismayed that so many smaller churches are falling apart and dying; out of roughly 50 people at the course on Saturday, there were hardly ANY churches that have been experiencing growth except for our home church. The Church need a vision…or the people will perish.

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