Focus on God, Not On Ourselves

Fame in this world is fleeting; I can vouch for that firsthand. There was a time in my life when I was well-known to many people for my voice, and I used that to my advantage. With this new-found fame came the drugs; the booze; the “stuff” associated with living the high life. In a worldly perspective, I was immensely rich; but to God, I was totally lost.

I kept trying to live this way for several years afterwards, even after I gave up deejaying and found work in menial jobs. And, my life came crashing down one year and I wound up homeless for a period of about 6-8 months, living on the streets of Orlando, Florida, and bumming jobs out of labor pools in order to survive. During this stint I went through two sessions in a rehab center, one voluntarily and the other involuntarily. Yet, after I got out I continued using drugs and using others to achieve what I thought was my own “destiny” in life–by being #1. The Head Honcho. The BIG DUDE. The Guy With All The Answers. But, again, God was not in the picture that I was painting for myself.

For those of you who know me, 1989 was a pivotal spiritual point in my life. My soul was on the line, and my life’s path could’ve went either way; down the road to destruction that is wide and obstacle-free, or down the narrow and winding path that ultimately leads to the Lord. It was only after being involved in a head-on automobile accident that I chose the right way to go; God had to allow the scales of this world to fall off of my eyes (sort of like he did the Apostle Paul when he was still Saul) in order for me to focus on Him and see His Truth.

And so it is with those caught in the devil’s traps today…they are focused on what the world has to offer and are blinded by the enemy; they are “taught” by society that selfishness and self-centeredness are the means to a better end. The media is rampant with the message of “self-salvation” and that in order to get ahead in this world you have to have the best of everything that the world has to offer.

And…that is the wrong message. God’s message is crystal clear when He says that He gave His only begotten Son for all of us in John 3:16. Our Lord does not want ANY of us to perish spiritually; He wants ALL to come to a lasting, personal relationship with the Savior. But, as always, we have to choose. He gave us free will and a choice to make. Either way we choose, we WILL live eternally, whether it be in Heaven or in Hell.

The only advice that I ever give anyone is this: It’s not about having “stuff” in this world. It’s not about living the high life. It’s not about drugs, or booze, or sex, or anything else. All of those things are momentary, and they will pass away.
It’s about our true focus: whether it is on ourselves, or on God.

And as for me and my house–we will serve the Lord.

That is our focus.


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