Wet. Yucky. Nasty. Weather.

April 28, 2006

To say it that way does it some kind of justice.

I really do NOT like cloudy and wet, dreary days. Would rather have some sunshine to energize my bones.

The whole weekend for northeast Missouri is shaping up like this, too. Bummer. 😦

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So Here’s The News…

April 28, 2006

Met with our DS, Bill Koch, after work at Trinity UMC last night. Here's what I found out:

  • Not going to Licensing School this year; Nashville (where the GBOD resides) is currently at a 6 month backlog in processing paperwork. Ugh.
  • Will be called before the church before during conference time this fall to be recommended for School this upcoming (2007) church year.
  • I will still go through all the channels and paperwork as I have been, and hopefully get a jump on next year's process and be one of the first to get my name in for the appointment process.
  • I am on Bill Koch's short list of laity to call to fill pulpit's on-demand; this is different than the pulpit supply list…this will mean I need to be ready in season and out of season!
  • I was asked once again about mission work…very interesting; this keeps coming up over and over again; this is the fourth time someone has said something about mission work to me. Hmmmm. I told Bill this would be an interesting arena to pursue…in about 10 years. 🙂
  • He told me that Jeannie NEEDED to be with me wherever I go to lay speak, because it helps for moral and spiritual support. This was a confirmation of what the two of us have been praying about and how we see the ministry that God has called us in to.
  • He told me to continue on with the Lay Missioner (now Lay Minister) courses, as this will still help me out in the long-term. Any education I can get for now is a definite plus.
  • He also said seminary will set us back around $50-75 grand after all is said and done; and to find a wealthy benefactor if at all possible. LOL.
  • Finally, the best thing that I liked was that he constantly referred to the church as the Church of Jesus Christ, and not the Methodist church. That was very comforting.

So, for now, I will continue on the path I am on; still lay speaking and still serving Christ in our home church, until God opens up the doors.

An interesting thing, however…Bill told me that things could change any time, and that I could be called to a part-time appointment somewhere if the need arises. He said the situation is always in flux and told me to be ready at any time, just in case.

So…we will see! 🙂

God bless and have a GREAT weekend! As for us, it's off to Milan on Saturday for my Spiritual Gifts Assessment testing; and then later on down the road they will do my Psychological testing.

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Another Meeting…

April 27, 2006

This time with Rev. Bill Koch, the Mark Twain District Superintendent for the Missouri United Methodist Conference. We're meeting at my home church, Trinity UMC, in Brookfield.
So, lots of prayers are in order. Gonna ask some serious questions this evening…and praying that I will get some serious answers. For, to me, this stepping out in faith is not in an attempt to secure a ministry job…it is my calling from our Lord, and I want Bill, and others in leadership, to know that very thing. This is something that my fleshly self doesn't want me to do; but it is something that I HAVE to do, because God has called me to do it.

So…lift me up in your prayers. The meeting starts at 5PM. 🙂 I'll let you know what happened later on this evening.

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Madness in Marceline

April 26, 2006

Read about the theatrics here in Monday's Linn County Leader.

The soap opera storyline just keep getting deeper and deeper and more convoluted. It's almost funny in a tragic sort of way. 🙂

Marceline, MO, aka the Boyhood Hometown of Walt Disney, needs to stay exactly what it is…and that is a nice, cozy small town that isn't influenced by outside sources or money.

We will see as the story unfolds.

Key words: Marceline, MO, boyhood hometown of Walt Disney, Linn County Leader.

The Storms Of Life

April 25, 2006

In the midst of the gales of tribulations and testing; when the hurricanes of doubt and blizzards of fear paralyze our souls and we wonder why these things are happening to us…God is still there…and He warms our hearts with soothing words.

When the smothering fog of self-righteousness clouds our thoughts and minds and we trek out on our own way, eager to show the Lord what we can do…God is still there…and He lovingly reproaches us and shows us the error of our ways.

As the busy days rip us apart with tornadic fury and we feel haphazardly flung to the far reaches of the earth…God is still there…to calm our spirits and give us peace.

For, to our restless wandering selves, God is indeed the Eye in the middle of those storms. He is that wonderful, sustaining joy we have when we fellowship with Him and enjoy His Presence…yet, too often we stray from underneath God's grace and try to do things in our own pitiful selves. That's when we fail miserably.

God DOES knows what we go through each and every day; we must remember that He alone sees us from a vantage point that we cannot comprehend–from Above.

He knows the struggles we face; he knows our hurting and our sorrows. His Son and our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, experienced what it was like to live as we do. He hungered; He thirsted; He was tempted. Yet, He overcame all these things for us–to be the perfect Sacrifice for our sins; our shortcomings; our failures.

So, when life gets rough and the storms threaten to overcome you…remember there's Hope. Ask God the Father, through Jesus, to help you set your sails into the wind again and straighten out your course; ask the Holy Spirit for that Comfort that can make those choppy seas smooth again; and ask Jesus to let you be the example to your family; your friends; and your loved ones like He was…for us…that day at Calvary.

Take up your cross…and follow Jesus.

He will get you through ALL the storms…and sail you into sunny skies and smooth waters again.

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If You Think Gas Is Expensive Where You’re At…

April 25, 2006

check out this interactive map at Gas Buddy…it'll make you appreciate where you live, especially if gas is reasonably cheap.

My question, however, is this…why is the price at the pump so low in Wyoming? Any explanation?

Wow…I miss the days of the $.40 gas prices in 1972 (that was the national average compiled by Ward's Auto World in 1993).

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It’s Official!

April 25, 2006

I've been recommended by the Pastor/Parish Staff Relations Committee and also by the Administrative Council at Trinity UMC in Brookfield, MO, for licensing as a local pastor, and also for full-time ministry when training and educational requirements are met.

It's a big step but one that I am more than willing to take; God has blessed my life so abundantly (way more than I could ever deserve) and this calling has been on my heart for so many years…that in my heart, I know this is something that I HAVE to do; there are too many sheep out there who have wandered away from God, and so many others who need to hear about the Good Shepherd and His wonderful Gift for all of us. For so long I have heard their cries at night while lying in bed; for many years I Have felt their pain as I looked into their faces; most of all, for 17 years I have remembered when I was that lost little lamb who just needed a gentle, loving nudge from Jesus…and now, to be able to give back to God just a tiny portion of what He has given me…well, that is all I desire to do for Him.

So, as I always ask and am thankful for…please pray for me and Jeannie as we travel this journey in God's ministry; it will be fun, fruitful, harrowing, scary, exhilarating…and it will be what our Lord has called us to do. We are looking forward to seeing His mighty Power save souls and transform lives!

Key words: God's ministry, United Methodist Conference, local pastor, licensing, salvation, the lost, being thankful, Jesus, Trinity UMC, Brookfield, Missouri.