In Need Of A Sound System…

Jeannie and I have been blessed to be able to go around to area churches and share in testimonies and song about the saving Power of Jesus; it is a wonderful opportunity to spread the Gospel across denominational lines and let others know that we are CHRISTIANS first and foremost.

We have been trying to pool our monies together to purchase a decent sound system as we travel, but our finances have been very tight and with me about to start school again (part-time wise), this worthwhile endeavor is once again taking a backseat to more pressing matters.

We are still singing when asked, but sometimes we have been asked to do outdoor venues and do not have the proper setup for this type of "concert."

So, I am putting out this prayer request to all of our Christian friends and Body of Christ: please ask that the financial means will become available to purchase a decent new or used sound system, or that one will be donated to us, to be able to acccomplish this mission that God has set on our hearts. Specifics for the system include a cassette/CD playback method, amplifier, outdoor compatible speakers with necessary output, two mointors,and also a mixer board with enough inputs for 4-5 microphones and 4 more inputs for instruments. A digital board with powered speakers would be wonderful but not necessary; anything that would be in good working condition that could supply these specs would be enough.

We need your prayers! God has supplied us with the musical gifts and talents to minister through song…now we need to equipment to do just that.

Please pray fervently for this request. If you feel led to donate financially or donate equipment, please contact us at or visit our website.

Thanks for the prayers and may God bless you!! 🙂

Keywords: SOD Ministries, Songs of Deliverance, sound system, donations, music ministry, testimonials, prayer requests, ministry gifts.

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