Much-Needed Prayers

May 31, 2006

Please pray fervently for a dear friend of ours, Waverly Dixon. She is in K.U. Medical Center right now, in the intensive care unit, battling breathing problems and a low immune system.

Doctors have all but ruled out several serious diseases, including cancer and tb…they are still running tests to pinpoint what is wrong with her.

This is a very dear lady who really loves the Lord and has been a very special friend to Jeannie and I; we've been through two Discipleship classes with her, along with Jeannie's back problems in 2004-2005. She has always been there for ALL who know her and would do anything for anyone. We are still in shock…but we are praying that God will heal her of this temporary setback.

There is POWER in prayer! So please lift her up in your prayers.

And thanks!

Key words: K.U., Waverly Dixon, breathing problems, prayer, Discipleship classes.


Tuesday Musings…

May 30, 2006

The weekend went by in a blur, and here it is Tuesday again; punch the ol' time clock and settle in for a holiday-shortened work week.

We had a Christian gathering of friends at our house on Saturday to eat low-country boil and just relax over the Memorial Day weekend. The McPherson's, Goosey's Wright's, Bagley's, and Davis families ate mounds of seafood and homemade ice cream, and just had good fellowship together.

That evening, we had five of the Goosey kids, along with our two girls, spend the night at our house. What an experience! Nothing like putting seven kids to bed and then getting them ready for church bright and early. Yowza!

Sunday morning, Jeannie and I sang at our niece Kimmie's commission service at Park Baptist Church, as she heads off for a three week mission trip to India this week; after that she will be going to the east St. Louis area for inner-city mission work as well. I am so thankful that Kim has a heart for leading people to Jesus; she is a blessing to all of us.

Yesterday I was privileged to take part in an honor guard at the Memorial Day service in Brookfield at the Twin Parks. Our American Legion Post (#182) gave a 21 gun salute to honor those who have given their lives in service to our country. Very humbling. Afterwards we just spent a relaxing day at home watching movies.

This week is fairly slack for a change; just have to turn in my LCL column. That's the most stress I'll have for these upcoming four days, which is nice, for a change.

Key words: Memorial Day, Twin Parks, Christian gathering, fellowship, Brookfield MO, Linn County Leader, American Legion, Post 182,  21 gun salute, mission trip, India.

Memorial Day Weekend Happenings

May 26, 2006

Here's what the Davis's are doing this long holiday weekend:

  • Italian Night at Trinity UMC tonight – Mike, Linda, and Paula White will tell of their misadventures while on vacation in the beautiful settings of Rome and surrounding turf. We'll feast on many authentic area dishes and view photos.
  • TUMC's Joy Singers Youth will be going to Chillicothe Saturday for a movie matinee and lunch; we get to be engulfed by 20 over-energetic and frenzied pre-teens.
  • Tomorrow night we're having some church friends over for low country boil, my specialty that I cook at least twice a year once the weather warms up. It's a cajun thing filled with shrimp, sausage, chicken (if so desired), onions, garlic, new potatoes, shrimp boil and cajun seasoning. Hearkens back to my down South days living on and near the beach.
  • Also tomorrow night Jeannie and I have the joy of playing mom and dad to nine kids. Woohoo!
  • Sunday is church and Jeannie and I are also singing at Park Baptist Church in Brookfield, where our niece Kimmie is having a commission service before her mission trip to India. We'll sure miss her, but we are so thankful that she is doing God's work!  🙂
  • Monday there will be a Memorial Day service at Twin Parks in Brookfield at 11:00AM, where American Legion Post 182 will be doing a 21 gun salute.

In between these things…we'll find some time to rest. LOL.

Have a safe and blessed Memorial Day Weekend!!

Key words: Memorial Day, Trinity UMC, Brookfield MO, Park Baptist Church, American Legion Post 182, Rome, Italy, low country boil, living on the beach, mission trip, commission service, Twin Parks, 21 gun salute.   

Deep in Thought…

May 24, 2006

on a mid-week day about several matters of spiritual importance.

Here they are in no particular order:

  • Why can't the Church just get along with each other? Sure, we have differing denominations but faith in ONE Lord, whose Name is Jesus. Our world would be in such a better state if we trusted and put ALL of our faiths in Him, and not in religiosity.
  • How come so many people would rather trust in a fictional book like The Da Vinci Code than in a factual historical account called the Bible, or the Word of God? To me, God's Word is hilarious at times with some of the characters and stories; other times the Bible is as gripping as the best novel out there.
  • Would people still dispute the Word and Its accuracy if Noah's Ark were ever found? Talk about shaking the very foundations of world history. No one could argue the very fact that the biblical account was really true.

Just some things that keep my mind occupied today.

What's on yours? 

Back And Rolling Along…

May 23, 2006

I am finally starting to feel human again.

Being sick is one of those things that really drags a body down, and it takes some time to recharge…physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This time was a little worse than usual; oftentimes I can bounce back the next day, but this bout of nastiness wore me out. For me to be sick two days is a rarity, unless I am in the hospital.

Jeannie can tell you; I absolutely despise going to the doctor. I don't like to be prodded and poked at, and I sure don't like taking meds. My underlying idea has always been that God has made our bodies to be germ-fighting machines; and we should always try to let them combat whatever ails us before turning to meds. After all, the more meds we take, the more our immune system absorbs them, and the less effective they will be the next go around.

So I tough it out until I usually can't function anymore…THEN I go see a doctor. And, to be honest, this has been a pretty successful way of fighting colds and flu for me since I was out of Mom's house and on my own. For a long time, I just didn't get sick…but as my body ages, the ol' immune system has to work harder and harder to keep up.

Such are the joys of middle-age life.

One day, thankfully, when this body expires here on earth and I receive a new, glorified body in Heaven, I won't ever have to worry about my sinuses, or my fused ankle, or lower back pain, or migranes…or ANYTHING ever again. I'll just simply want to praise and worship our Father…and give Him eternal thanks for all He has done for me.

Key words: sickness, spiritual recharging, germ-fighting machines, immune system, colds and flu, new glorified body, Heaven, sinuses, fused ankle, lower back pain, migranes, God the Father. 

A Weekend To NOT Remember

May 22, 2006

Well, Saturday was pure bliss, out fishing and spending time with my lovely wife Jeannie. Couldn't have asked for a better start to the weekend.

And then comes Sunday; I was sicker than a dog ALL day. Started feeling bad at church in the AM and it steadily got worse from there. Went to the Brookfield Graduation (as our daughter Micah would've graduated from high school this year…but she's in the presence of God, having a much better time!). It's amazing to think that when she passsed away at 5..that 13 years have went by this quickly. It was tough for Jeannie to actually be there, but in a way I think it was healing at the same time. Micah's best friend, Brandy Brammer, was there, and we got to talk with ehr for a few minutes beforehand and also give her some special gifts. Anyways, I had to leave and go outside and lay down in the car before the service started; I almost passed out sitting there in the gym. It hurt my heart not being there with Jeannie but it was either that and pass out and call the ambulance…or try to rest and feel a tad better.

And, I actually stayed home from Sunday evening service (which I NEVER miss church unless I am pretty sick) and just slept, in between running to the bathroom every fifteen minutes. UGH.

Remember the fast that I was on for Lent? Well, I got down to 175, then had gained back to 180 (which still isn't too bad, I guess)…and this morning, after my all-night bout with this sickness, I weighed myself again and…I'm back to 175!

Five pounds lost in one day…really not good for one's health, you know?

So, I'm at work today, just kinda trudging along, and looking forward to some more rest this evening, and maybe some chicken soup to tide me over. We'll see.

Key words: sickness, weight loss, chicken soup, Brookfield MO graduation, BHS, church, Lent, fasting. 

No Fish Story Here!

May 20, 2006

Yuppers. 43 bluegill, 2 bass, 2 crappie (or specks), and assorted ones thrown back. Whoa.

A good day's haul of fish; unbelievable action was to be had on a rainy Saturday around the Marceline area. God blessed Jeannie and I with an abundant haul.

And yes…we checked our limits. We almost got there, but not quite enough fish caught between the two of us.

Bluegill were spawning late and shallow, as were the crappie. Interestingly enough, catfish weren't biting very much at all. I caught a nice butter cat at the old reservoir but he was the only one.

Many more days of fishing like this and it'll be time for a big ol' fish fry at the Davis household! 🙂

Key words: fish story, Marceline, bluegill, crappie, bass, spawning, God's blessings.