Some Prayers Are In Order…

Ever since I had my sinuses worked on, I've enjoyed blissful open-nose clarity and was looking forward to springtime.

But, alas, all good things must come to an end…and about a week ago I woke up to a stuffy nose, due to pollen. Some saline spray therapy got me back to where I thought I was before.

Then, the symptoms started getting worse. And worse.


Now, seven days later, I have lungs full of mucus, a spinning head, and my voice is gone. Walking pnuemonia is a good word, bt something I don't really want to have right about this time of year, due to the Mother/Daughter Banquet and Community Chorus this weekend, PLUS I am preaching at Sumner and Mendon UMC's on Sunday.

So…break out the knee pads and do some heavy-duty praying for me, please. Jeannie has been day and night, and I thank God for her taking care of me during this time.

Just tell satan to go bother his minions and leave me alone long enough to make it through Sunday evening.

And…thanks…for the prayers!  🙂 


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