Time For A Quick Breather…

In between things going on this weekend.

The Mother/Daughter Banquet at Trinity UMC went wonderfully; there were about 60 women in attendance and the members of the Men4Jesus group served them lunch. Jeannie basically took the reins and spearheaded the effort, and my beautiful wife did such an outstanding job. I was really, really proud of her!

Also, went to the visitation for Uncle Charlie this evening; it was good to see old familiar relatives faces, but also sad for us to get together during these kind of circumstances. Ron is supposed to be up here tomorrow for the funeral; all of us plan of going out to eat afterwards. Will be nice to have the Davis clan together again even if it is only for a short period of time.

The first Community Chorus concert was also this evening in Marceline. I thought we sounded fairly good, considering we had a smaller choir than usual due to local school proms and other springtime happenings. Jeannie sang beautifully on Come, Y'shua–we were supposed to do a duet but my voice is still getting over the crap I've had this past week. Amazingly, I've never lost my voice to this extent before. There are still some higher notes I can't reach, so I figure on relaxing my voice for an extended period after tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, Sumner and Mendon UMC's are our destination in the morning, as I preach the Word of God from John 10:7-16…this is a passage of scripture where it talks about Jesus being the Good Shepherd. For some reason, this has been on my heart a lot lately; guess it's a good reminder of what Jesus did for us and what we should do for Him in return. Please pray above everything else that I will be a willing and open vessel for the Lord and His Word will be proclaimed!!

Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!! 


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