A Day of Downtime

After work yesterday I unplugged from the cyberworld and spent some time with my family; we went to Brookfield and enjoyed the fresh air and just goofed around.

It was a hectic weekend; more so than usual and it reminds me of why we are so busy in the first place…and that is to share God's Word and His Love with others.

The world can be such a dreary, cold, and listless place. People have the mentality of "dog eat dog" and "I'm in it for myself"; selfishness rules rampant in the minds of many, and it seems as if everyone wants more and more…money, stuff, power, sex…we've become a world of consuming greed instead of compassionate giving.

Jeannie and I don't ask for much; just a roof over our heads, food to eat, clothes on our backs….and a desire and earnest zeal to serve God. And we are thankful for that. We don't need a huge house, or new cars, or bunches of "stuff" to complicate our lives.

No, all we need is the Lord; and each other; and our kids…so we can go about doing the work of our Lord here on earth.

Key words: Brookfield, MO, God's Word, His Love, dog eat dog, stuff 


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