Disturbing Trends in America

Now, some may called me ultra-conservative; others may call me a fanatic because of my stand for Jesus and His Kingdom here on earth.

But, after reading this story on CNN, and the breaking news that the NSA has been actively monitoring our phone records since September 11, 2001…well, that just irks me to no end.

We, as Americans, are some of the most privileged and free people on earth. We can worship the way we want to; we can speak out against government; we can roam between our states…hey, we can even do whatever we want to in the privacy of our own homes, including talking to whomever we want to on our own phones.

Until now.

Don't get me wrong. I am all for making our country safer, and continuing to strengthen the boundaries of our nation with better security and awareness. But this, my friends, just reeks of a total "spy" job on our citizens and their basic rights.

There definitely needs to be some investigating on our government officials about this.

Your thoughts? 

Key words: CNN, NSA, phone records, spying, freedom, civil rights, September 11, 2001

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