Boy, What A Day Yesterday!

Took the day off yesterday to run errands and go to doctors appointments. Was enjoyable until about 3:00PM.

That was when we took Kelsey to the dentist to get a filling in one of her permanent teeth. It was then that chaos and madness ensued. 

It took 45 minutes to get her calm enough to give her a novocaine shot; then another 45 minutes to finally get her filling in place. In between, Kelsey managed to bite one of her nurses fingers, almost swallowed a bite wedge that was placed in her mouth, and four people had to hold her down long wnough to inject her with the numbing stuff.

Next time, we are going to give her something to calm her nerves WAY before we go there. Sheesh!!


One Response to Boy, What A Day Yesterday!

  1. Amy says:

    Wow! Glad you all survived.

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