A Weekend To NOT Remember

Well, Saturday was pure bliss, out fishing and spending time with my lovely wife Jeannie. Couldn't have asked for a better start to the weekend.

And then comes Sunday; I was sicker than a dog ALL day. Started feeling bad at church in the AM and it steadily got worse from there. Went to the Brookfield Graduation (as our daughter Micah would've graduated from high school this year…but she's in the presence of God, having a much better time!). It's amazing to think that when she passsed away at 5..that 13 years have went by this quickly. It was tough for Jeannie to actually be there, but in a way I think it was healing at the same time. Micah's best friend, Brandy Brammer, was there, and we got to talk with ehr for a few minutes beforehand and also give her some special gifts. Anyways, I had to leave and go outside and lay down in the car before the service started; I almost passed out sitting there in the gym. It hurt my heart not being there with Jeannie but it was either that and pass out and call the ambulance…or try to rest and feel a tad better.

And, I actually stayed home from Sunday evening service (which I NEVER miss church unless I am pretty sick) and just slept, in between running to the bathroom every fifteen minutes. UGH.

Remember the fast that I was on for Lent? Well, I got down to 175, then had gained back to 180 (which still isn't too bad, I guess)…and this morning, after my all-night bout with this sickness, I weighed myself again and…I'm back to 175!

Five pounds lost in one day…really not good for one's health, you know?

So, I'm at work today, just kinda trudging along, and looking forward to some more rest this evening, and maybe some chicken soup to tide me over. We'll see.

Key words: sickness, weight loss, chicken soup, Brookfield MO graduation, BHS, church, Lent, fasting. 


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