Back And Rolling Along…

I am finally starting to feel human again.

Being sick is one of those things that really drags a body down, and it takes some time to recharge…physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This time was a little worse than usual; oftentimes I can bounce back the next day, but this bout of nastiness wore me out. For me to be sick two days is a rarity, unless I am in the hospital.

Jeannie can tell you; I absolutely despise going to the doctor. I don't like to be prodded and poked at, and I sure don't like taking meds. My underlying idea has always been that God has made our bodies to be germ-fighting machines; and we should always try to let them combat whatever ails us before turning to meds. After all, the more meds we take, the more our immune system absorbs them, and the less effective they will be the next go around.

So I tough it out until I usually can't function anymore…THEN I go see a doctor. And, to be honest, this has been a pretty successful way of fighting colds and flu for me since I was out of Mom's house and on my own. For a long time, I just didn't get sick…but as my body ages, the ol' immune system has to work harder and harder to keep up.

Such are the joys of middle-age life.

One day, thankfully, when this body expires here on earth and I receive a new, glorified body in Heaven, I won't ever have to worry about my sinuses, or my fused ankle, or lower back pain, or migranes…or ANYTHING ever again. I'll just simply want to praise and worship our Father…and give Him eternal thanks for all He has done for me.

Key words: sickness, spiritual recharging, germ-fighting machines, immune system, colds and flu, new glorified body, Heaven, sinuses, fused ankle, lower back pain, migranes, God the Father. 

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