Deep in Thought…

on a mid-week day about several matters of spiritual importance.

Here they are in no particular order:

  • Why can't the Church just get along with each other? Sure, we have differing denominations but faith in ONE Lord, whose Name is Jesus. Our world would be in such a better state if we trusted and put ALL of our faiths in Him, and not in religiosity.
  • How come so many people would rather trust in a fictional book like The Da Vinci Code than in a factual historical account called the Bible, or the Word of God? To me, God's Word is hilarious at times with some of the characters and stories; other times the Bible is as gripping as the best novel out there.
  • Would people still dispute the Word and Its accuracy if Noah's Ark were ever found? Talk about shaking the very foundations of world history. No one could argue the very fact that the biblical account was really true.

Just some things that keep my mind occupied today.

What's on yours? 


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