Tuesday Musings…

The weekend went by in a blur, and here it is Tuesday again; punch the ol' time clock and settle in for a holiday-shortened work week.

We had a Christian gathering of friends at our house on Saturday to eat low-country boil and just relax over the Memorial Day weekend. The McPherson's, Goosey's Wright's, Bagley's, and Davis families ate mounds of seafood and homemade ice cream, and just had good fellowship together.

That evening, we had five of the Goosey kids, along with our two girls, spend the night at our house. What an experience! Nothing like putting seven kids to bed and then getting them ready for church bright and early. Yowza!

Sunday morning, Jeannie and I sang at our niece Kimmie's commission service at Park Baptist Church, as she heads off for a three week mission trip to India this week; after that she will be going to the east St. Louis area for inner-city mission work as well. I am so thankful that Kim has a heart for leading people to Jesus; she is a blessing to all of us.

Yesterday I was privileged to take part in an honor guard at the Memorial Day service in Brookfield at the Twin Parks. Our American Legion Post (#182) gave a 21 gun salute to honor those who have given their lives in service to our country. Very humbling. Afterwards we just spent a relaxing day at home watching movies.

This week is fairly slack for a change; just have to turn in my LCL column. That's the most stress I'll have for these upcoming four days, which is nice, for a change.

Key words: Memorial Day, Twin Parks, Christian gathering, fellowship, Brookfield MO, Linn County Leader, American Legion, Post 182,  21 gun salute, mission trip, India.


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