Ever Had One of Those Moments?

I had one on Sunday, when I threw out the first pitch of the American Legion baseball season at Rusk Park in Brookfield.

For the strangest reason, I felt…old.

You see, most of the time old guys or gals chunk the first pitch at MLB (Major League Baseball) games; Presidents, CEO's, ex-sporting stars, etc. The majority usually bounce one in front of the plate and then grin sheepishly, as if to say, "Hey, I meant to do that." Arm strength fades away as age sets in, and throwing one in the strike zone is the least of their worries. Just getting it over the plate is their main focus.
But here I was, acting like a kid again, trotting out to the mound in my shades and Legion uniform (minus the cleats…should've worn those for the effect) and as the camera shutters clicked away and I was introduced over the loudpeakers, for a brief moment, I felt like that kid again–and also like this was my first rite into old age.

Weird, huh?

And then the moment passed, and as I shook the catcher's hand and made my way back to Jeannie and Kelsey who were sitting in the stands rooting me on, I realized that, yes…I was getting older…but it was a good feeling. Sort of a feeling of completion; of being at peace with my life and how far I've come and what I've been able to accomplish for the Lord thus far. Still a LOT more people to reach for Him…but…that will come.

With time.

Looking back, it really was a pretty cool day!

P.S. By the way…I made it over the plate. And threw one right in the strike zone. 🙂

Key words: American Legion baseball, Rusk Park, Brookfield MO, trotting to the mound, throwing out first pitch, strike zone.


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