Today everyone is up in arms about the "spooky" significance of the date: June 6, 2006; 06/06/06…or, in single digits, the biblical reference to the mark of the beast…666.

Should we be worried? The Bible says not to be "anxious" for anything; we shouldn't worry about what may or may not happen today. What we SHOULD do is live every day for God and be prepared for the Lord Jesus Christ's return at all moments. We need to be witnessing to a lost and dying world; we need to be loving others as God loves us; we need to forgive even when we are wronged unnecessarily…is short, we need to stop fretting over what may come to pass and really live like Christ.

Too many people have put a scare into others by speaking doom and gloom about the date and about how the world might end today; instead of all this negativity, let's speak about God's love for us and spread that love around. 🙂

Key words: 666, end of the world, mark of the beast, Bible, Lord Jesus Christ, God's love, witnessing. 


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