14 Months and Counting…

Believe it or not, it's been a year and some change since I started both my Linn County Leader column and this blog; I never thought that I would be able to consistently write (for the most part, anyway) a daily online "journal" of my life.

It's been fun, enlightening, and invigorating…kinda gives me the feeling that I CAN write again like I used to; that somehow I will be able to find some free time once again to pen those stories, poems, songs, and what-nots that freely inhabit my mind's eye.

You know, there was a time about 30 years ago when I could write full novellas and short stories without breaking a sweat. It was truly effortless, and very enjoyable. Fleshing out characters and a storyline was fascinating to me, and it was nice to be able to share those stories with others, and see the enjoyment on their faces as they escaped into a world that God had helped me to create.

So now, many moons have passed and the gray hairs are slowly  advancing across my hairline…but I'm gonna give it a try again, and see if there is still some imagination left in these tired ol' bones to weave a few more stories.  🙂

Key words: Linn County Leader column, blog, daily journal, writing,  breaking a sweat, novellas, poems, short stories, character development, imagination. 


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