More From the BHS Class of 81 Reunion…

It’s been a busy few days, trying to recover from lack of sleep.

Here’s some things I observed from the 25th reunion:

  • Years do little to settled unresolved emotions; sometimes our viewpoints of the past can be different from what really happened.
  • All the guys are losing their hair.
  • We were a really rebellious bunch back then; it still bleeds over into today.
  • It was nice to be able to dance with Jeannie at a class function after all these years.
  • Being sober really opens up a person’s eyes to how alcohol can skew one’s sense of reality.
  • Some people I recognized immediately; others were like…”Wow. You’ve changed.”
  • Linda Mundell Falconer is like Dick Clark…neither one ages.
  • 25 years was a long time not seeing everyone.
  • Our class has been blessed to not have anyone else pass away except for Mike Lewis.

The thing that really blessed my heart the most was this…Jesus Christ’s Name was mentioned twice during the day at the meals. Even that brief moment might have touched someone’s heart and life; I pray that it did.

More reunion pictures will follow soon on the blog and also the BHS Reunion site.

Key words: BHS Class of 81, Reunion, 25th Reunion, Jesus Christ, rebellious, being sober, lack of sleep, blog, reunion pictures.


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