Alrighty Then

July 28, 2006

Sheesh…I don’t post for a few day and people go berserko on me and start telling me I needed to keep them up-to-date on all the latest happenings on this end of the world’s spectrum. (Namely, Cindy…LOL)

Oh, well. Such is life. here’s what happening:

Zoo trip planned for this weekend to Omaha;
Boys leave next weekend;
Kelsey’s been at church camp all week;
Jeannie and I have been invited to sing at the Missouri State Fair this year;
Still looking for a sound system;
We have a van!
It’s hot here;
We got some rain yesterday;
It’s almost quitting time at work;
I’m glad it’s Friday.

There…that about does it. 🙂


It’s Been A Few Days, Hasn’t It?

July 24, 2006

Much news to tell; been very busy these past few days on a variety of projects. Here’s the latest:

  • GOD IS GOOD! The Davis family household now has a van; albeit a used one, it is in fantastic shape and is mechanically in excellent condition. It’s a 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager, dark green with no body scratches or dings, and the motor is in great shape. We thank the Lord so much for answering our prayers! This will help us to travel on family trips and also to minister for Him.
  • Saturdays in the Park went well; even though the turnout was light we had a wonderful time, and God was lifted up through song and testimony. We made a little money in concessions which will go towards the next one in August. Thanks be to God!
  • The testimonial and concert for Songs of Deliverance Ministries last night at Laclede Baptist Church was an uplifting and joyful time. God was praised and worshipped, and His people were made aware of just what God can do in a person’s life when they turn that life over to Him. Jeannie and I were blessed with a nice love offering that will go towards the ministry, and we have been extended offers to other area churches to come and share in song and the Word.

That’s a little slice of our life for the past few days. More to come!

Key words: God is good, Saturdays in the Park, Songs of Deliverance, thanks to the Lord, love offering, Laclede Baptist Church, testimonials.

Sauna, Anyone?

July 19, 2006

Baking heat continues to swamp the Midwest, as well as other regions throughout the country; it’s very reminiscient of summers when we were growing up. I just think we feel it more as we get older.

Heat indices have been upwards of 110 degrees the past week, with relief finally coming this Saturday. High will be only 79-80 with no heat index and a cool northerly wind. Perfect weather for Saturdays in the Park.  🙂

Stay cool!

A Hot, Sticky Day

July 15, 2006

It’s been one of those steamy and yucky weekends here in north Missouri; temp’s 92 with a heat index in the upper 90’s. Swimming weather, for sure!

We took to the streets this morning and passed out fliers to local businesses and churches about the upcoming Saturdays in the Park gospel sing this upcoming weekend, and also the concert Jeannie and I will be putting on as SOD Ministries at Laclede Baptist Church the following day. God has blessed us with a wonderful opportunity to reach people for Jesus, and to tell them about what He has done in our lives. We are praying that the Holy Spirit go before us and open hearts!

It’s movie and family time at the Davis household tonight; we just got through watching “The Chronicles of Narnia” and it was a very interesting movie. Lots of spiritual overtones. Much to think about and a good parallel about Jesus in our lives.

Key words: north Missouri, Saturdays in the Park, SOD Ministries, Laclede Baptist Church, Holy Spirit, The Chronicles of Narnia, Jesus.

The Heat Wave Finally Hits North Missouri

July 13, 2006

It’s been a pretty cool summer, with a fairly decent amount of rain for the crops. Kinda surprising, but a nice treat.

And now…well, all I can say is that the heat is gonna be here for the next two weeks. Temperatures in the low to mid 90’s for this weekend, perhaps touching the century mark by early next week. Heat indices will be in the 100-110 degree range as the humidity soars.

Staying indoors will be the norm for us until the temp breaks next weekend. Long-range forecast is for upper 70’s by Sunday.

A Van (Not Vain) Prayer…

July 12, 2006

Please be in prayer for a suitable and well-maintained van for the Davis household and SOD Ministries. We’ve got someone going to an auction tomorrow to scout out one for us…our car is on its last legs and it’s getting old, and we really need the extra room for our kids, plus for ministry travel in the future.

Speaking of which…the Holy Spirit keeps telling me that soon…very soon…many doors will open and our family will be on the road a lot, sharing with others the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our hearts are open; our souls are willing; and we are ready to go wherever God sends us, for better or for worse.

The road may be long and the travels weary…but the fields are ripe for God’s harvest.

So, be in prayer that the van that our friend finds is the one God wants for us, and that we will glorify and praise His Name through the use of it.

And..also be in prayer for a sound system for SOD Ministries. We are actively seeking donated equipment or financial funding for a new or used system that is portable, rugged, and powerful enough to last through many setups and teardowns.

Thanks for the prayers!!

Key words: van, Davis household, car auctions, ministry travels, Holy Spirit, Good News, Jesus Christ, Songs of Deliverance, SOD Ministries, sound system.

Words to Write, Things to Say, People to Pray For…

July 11, 2006

These past few days have been a weird time for the Davis household; as we wound down from the 4th of July holiday weekend and a short work week and then yet again another weekend, things have been in flux; satan is definitely working overtime…not only in our lives but in the lives of Christians and non-Christians alike.

We can see his hand working in certain situations, and his demons gleefully cavorting about when the devil gets his way; we sadly hear about rumors being spread that are total lies and untruths, and all we can do is shake our heads and pray for those people who are being used for that evil one’s ways. We hang our heads in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual exhaustion as we’re bombarded from all sides with no letup in sight.

What can we do as Christians?


And then pray.

And, for good measure, we can pray some more.

And then when we think we’re at our wit’s end…we can P-R-A-Y.

The Bible say that “the effectual fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much” (James 5:16b). God not only asks us to; he WANTS us to pray to Him and to seek His Face. Our Heavenly Father wants us to have that close-knit, loving bond with Him; He wants us to come to Him through His Son and our Lord Jesus Christ to ask for those things that we need in our lives to make us better people for Him…more humble servants; more giving with our hearts; more loving with our words and actions…in essence…more like Jesus.

So, I ask that you pray for me to be more like Jesus; so that I would be a better person overall, and be a much more humble servant to do His Will here on earth, and to spread that love as the Great Commission tells me to. I want to be the husband to my beautiful wife Jeannie that Jesus commands me to be…just as He loves His Church, so I should love her in that same exact way. It’s all about being less of me and more like Jesus.

All of us can (and should) learn by His example.

ALL of us.

Key words: effectual fervent prayer, satan, demons, rumors, spiritual exhaustion,  seeking God’s face, Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, Great Commission, His Church.