A Van (Not Vain) Prayer…

Please be in prayer for a suitable and well-maintained van for the Davis household and SOD Ministries. We’ve got someone going to an auction tomorrow to scout out one for us…our car is on its last legs and it’s getting old, and we really need the extra room for our kids, plus for ministry travel in the future.

Speaking of which…the Holy Spirit keeps telling me that soon…very soon…many doors will open and our family will be on the road a lot, sharing with others the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our hearts are open; our souls are willing; and we are ready to go wherever God sends us, for better or for worse.

The road may be long and the travels weary…but the fields are ripe for God’s harvest.

So, be in prayer that the van that our friend finds is the one God wants for us, and that we will glorify and praise His Name through the use of it.

And..also be in prayer for a sound system for SOD Ministries. We are actively seeking donated equipment or financial funding for a new or used system that is portable, rugged, and powerful enough to last through many setups and teardowns.

Thanks for the prayers!!

Key words: van, Davis household, car auctions, ministry travels, Holy Spirit, Good News, Jesus Christ, Songs of Deliverance, SOD Ministries, sound system.

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