It’s Been A Few Days, Hasn’t It?

Much news to tell; been very busy these past few days on a variety of projects. Here’s the latest:

  • GOD IS GOOD! The Davis family household now has a van; albeit a used one, it is in fantastic shape and is mechanically in excellent condition. It’s a 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager, dark green with no body scratches or dings, and the motor is in great shape. We thank the Lord so much for answering our prayers! This will help us to travel on family trips and also to minister for Him.
  • Saturdays in the Park went well; even though the turnout was light we had a wonderful time, and God was lifted up through song and testimony. We made a little money in concessions which will go towards the next one in August. Thanks be to God!
  • The testimonial and concert for Songs of Deliverance Ministries last night at Laclede Baptist Church was an uplifting and joyful time. God was praised and worshipped, and His people were made aware of just what God can do in a person’s life when they turn that life over to Him. Jeannie and I were blessed with a nice love offering that will go towards the ministry, and we have been extended offers to other area churches to come and share in song and the Word.

That’s a little slice of our life for the past few days. More to come!

Key words: God is good, Saturdays in the Park, Songs of Deliverance, thanks to the Lord, love offering, Laclede Baptist Church, testimonials.

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