Mid-Week Update

August 30, 2006

No, I haven’t died and went to be with the Father in Heaven, even though there are probably those out there who are wishing that I would…LOL. Things are just busy here, as always, and in between breaths I manage to sleep a few hours and then go to work.

Turned in my column for the local paper here today; it’s rather interesting and is a compilation of two different subjects that I’ve sorta meshed into one. I’ll post it Friday when it hits the Linn County Leader.

I’ve recently been asked to help fill the pulpit at First Christian Church here in Marceline. The pastor turned in his resignation a few weeks back. Please pray for this church, as well as the other churches that are seeking shepherds for their flocks. We need good Godly leaders to fill these spiritual positions of importance.

Also, pray for me as I continue on the path as a ministry candidate. The deeper I get, the more I see that what the Church in general needs is a great Revival; one that will reach to the uttermost ends of the earth. People need Jesus, and this is against what the world teaches. I feel in the very depths of my heart and soul that the time is drawing near when Jesus will return for His Bride…and we need to get the people ready for that joyous day.

I am also very glad that this weekend is Labor Day, and also the Great Pershing Ballooon Derby in Brookfield. The weather looks wonderful for this event, and we are planning a weekend fishing excursion to have some relaxing time together.

Key words: Linn County Leader, Great Pershing Balloon Derby, Labor Day, second coming of Jesus, weekend fishing.


End of the Week Roundup

August 25, 2006

Well, we made it through the State Fair and my psychological tests for the ministry, praise God!

Those tests are enough to make a grown man cry, let me tell you. Some of the questions border on stupidity, and some are just so blatantly “in your face” that they smack of too many Ph.D.’s with way too much time on their hands. I almost found a few of them insulting and embarrassing.
So that step in the ministry process in now complete; I await word from the board to set up an appt. to meet with someone to discuss the results of those tests. Should be interesting. After that, I’ll be brought before the church to be recommended at charge conference next month.

Our weekend looks like this: our oldest daughter Briana will be in a beauty pageant this evening in Ethel (we’ll be there, of course), and then tomorrow it’s off to Columbia for another Lay Missioner’s class. Sunday it’s church, and then the work week begins again.

I am thankful for a three day weekend after next week! Woohoo!

Man, we sure need the rest. We might even go catfishing at night.


August 23, 2006

Work is busy; home life is busy; and nary the twain shall meet.

Just getting back from church and gonna hit the sack. I’m bone-tired, and another day arriveth soon.

I’ll chat more tomorrow when I am more aware of my humble surroundings.


Gearing Up For The State Fair

August 15, 2006

Jeannie and I are going through all of our music this evening in an effort to put together a few sets of stuff to share with the folks at the Missouri State Fair.

Wow…we have a LOT of music! 😀

We’ll be there all day; there are two slots that we have to fill, one in the morning and the other later afternoon. It should be a day of fun as we praise God through song.

Please pray for us; this is the beginning of several larger doors that are being opened for our ministry, and we must never forget that God is the One who will be glorified through our voices and testimonies.

A Beautiful Tuesday!

August 15, 2006

Wow. What a difference a day makes in the weather.

Yesterday was rainy and muggy and sorta nasty for the AM hours; then the clouds parted and it began to cool off again.

Today it’s gonna be in the low 80’s with sunny skies and a cool northwest wind.


The rest of this week is going to be sparse in terms of posts; going to Columbia tomorrow, then to Sedalia to sing at the State Fair on Thursday; Saturday it’s up to Milan to take my psychological testing for the next step in the Candidacy program for the ministry. In between it’s sleep, website updates, and studying to prepare for upcoming sermons.

A Special Young Lady

August 11, 2006

Our niece Kim is a dedicated young Christian who not only talks her faith…she walks it, too.

Her most recent mission trips include ones to India, Mexico, and the inner city of St. Louis. And each time, she reaches out to those who are lost and tells them about Jesus Christ. That is hard. And she does it without thinking twice of herself.

As her aunt and uncle, Jeannie and I are more than just proud of her–we are honored to be her Christian sister and brother as well.

Kimmie, we pray that you will never lose sight of the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus…and may you run the race to the very end with perseverance, and with all the enthusiasm, that make you who you are. You are indeed loved, and so very special in the eyes of God.  🙂

Foggy Friday

August 11, 2006

August in Missouri is about heat and mugginess; sweat and suffering.

So imagine my surprise when we woke up to fog and 71, with a cool north wind.


Only in the Midwest can you tell someone, “Wait 20 minutes…the weather will change.”

Those guys at the NWS foretell this for Marceline.

Unless the sun comes out…don’t think it’s gonna happen.